Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL: Midwest Style

(Get big! XL, get it?)

I'm calling it now.

The Seattle Seahawks WILL LOSE to Pittsburgh Steelers


The Seahawks are owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and perennial third-wealthiest American on the Forbes list, right after Billy G. and Warren Buffett.
But that won't be enough for Microsoft.

*Post may have been edited since certain events transpired.*



Lesson learned from the Superbowl
  • V for Vendetta should or even, will be a great movie. However, the line "From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy" is not a good thing anymore. Movie studios should know that.
  • Tom Cruise's next movie will involve an explosion and him sprinting at full speed away or towards someone.
  • Beer companies really really really want me to drink beer.
  • Nobody knows what sells. In fact, it seems like they are trying to sell that big busted chick.
  • Finally, it's hard to win you get a touchdown taken away on offense and a touchdown given away on defense by the refs.
  • Being more excited about Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones than for Janet Jackson makes me an old man. Officially. I will do anything not to have to watch Nelly rap during the Superbowl again. I say Sufjan performs his state song for the Super Bowl every year.
  • Also someone needs to get Mike Holmgren a new stopwatch. CLOCK MANAGEMENT Mo Fucker!!!
  • The Cowboys will win next year.

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