Tuesday, February 21, 2006

They should've never given you Negroes ice skates!!!

(F*** yo medals n!$$@!!!)

The Winter Olympics in Turino are about as intriguing to me as watching white people ski in just about any other place.
But nothing drags my ambivalent ass to a television like some good ole American racial drama.

You know the recipe by now

  • Mix one inner-city youth
  • One part (overly) determined single mother
  • A dash of outsider struggle (black man trying to skate)
And you have Shani Davis. The first negro individual gold medal winner in the Winter Olympics.

His event was the only thing I watched in the Olympics and it was worth it.

In dramatic TV movie fashion, his arch-enemy Chad Hedrick, who turned against Shani after he refused to do a team event with him, raced early and had the leading time for over an hour and a half.

Then my nigro Shani stepped up and blew out angry white boy's time and took home the gold.

Henrick ended up winning nothing and the look on Henrick's face when Shani was given the gold should end up on a American Express commercial. Priceless indeed.

Oh, and they race again on Tuesday and Friday. Although Hedrick is supposed to be better in those events.

It might appear grimy that Davis didn't want to help Team America get a gold medal, but the dude trained his whole life to win the individual 1000M race. Why tire himself out in the team event and not do what he came to do?

Of course, this is America so once he decided not to do the team event he got some e-mails from our lovely U.S. of A citizens, wishing him to fail and other things peppered with the n-word.

And not n-i-g-g-a

You know, like "Fall nigger, fall. Go skate in Africa" type of shit.

Who gets so mad about ice skating that they send racist e-mails?
Seriously, I want to meet these petty ass haters.

Right about now you know Kobe wishes he took up speed skating now.

"I don't have to pass? No teams? Aw shit!"


  1. Henrick is a moron! He started talking shit because of Davis’ lack of sportsmanship, but where was his when his team mate won the gold? He congratulated Cheeks (silver) but had no comment for Davis.

    Henricks needs to suck it up and not be such a bitch about shit.

  2. The Winter Olympics are worthless. Not only are the sports boring and difficult to relate to since most of us don't do/play them, but as Bryant Gumbel said (and I agree with), they don't even feature the best athletes in the world. And I don't only mean from a race perspective, although there is merit to that, too. But overall, I'll take track stars and basketball players and decathletes and wrestlers and gymnasts over a bunch of babies who were either rich enough to grow up on skis, cold enough to go curling, or dumb enough to pursue ice dancing.

    And fuck a Henrick. Speed skating is not a team event, primarily. Those relays are secondary. To put it in terms I can understand, no one really cares who won the 4x100 relay at the Summer games, but they surely know who wins the 100m.

  3. Great post, new to ya blog. I just stumbled upon Shani 'cause he was all in the news, 'cause I really didn't give a damn about the Winter Olympics. 'Till now! A Gold medalist, hunh? Ooh, and baby's kinda cute!!

    lmao @ "go skate in Africa"

    sad. Those are our "fellow americans..."

  4. Alright, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I'm gonna have to throw down. The Winter Olympics are not worthless, you don't have to be rich to ski, and some of the winter athletes are the best athletes are the best in world. Of course I do no speak in absolutes. There are plenty of events in the Winter Olympics that are not worth watching in my opinion (curling, ice skating, ski jumping, luge, bobsled, anything that involves cross country skis and shooting). But there are plenty of events worth watching (downhill, super g, slalom, free skiing (a.k.a. moguls), ariels, boarder cross, skier cross, short track skating, halfpipe, hockey?)

    I've been skiing since I was six. And as person of color, I've noticed my general loneliness on the slopes, but I'm not on the mountain to make friends, I'm there to go fast, carve turns, and jump as high as possible. And yes, I was fortunate enough to have parents that made enough dough to buy me the expensive equipment. But there are ways to ski and to ski well without being rich. Renting skis is very affordable and most northern cities have local mountains (or hills) that have very cheap lift tickets. Yes, it's more expensive than basketball and baseball, even football, but it's not as expensive as hockey. But if you're into it, you save up your allowance and buy the shit you need/want, just like anybody else. I remember back in the day, I saved up for an entire summer to buy me a pair of these.

    On to the athleticism. The best skiers in the world are incredible athletes. They put an extraordinary amount of time and work both on and off season to be the best in the world. They also possess an enormous amount of talent that the superstars of any sport exhibit. You can't tell me that it takes an incredible amount of strength and agility to careen down a mountain at 68 miles an hour on two skinny planks of wood with only 2mm by 2mm by 2mm metal edges to keeping you attached to the snow. Then take the mogul skiers. An enormous amount of strength and stamina, plus muscle memory and body awarness to pull off ridiculous jumps in the middle of a mogul run. If these people aren't the best athletes in the world, I don't know who is. I don't watch hockey that much, but hockey players are arguably in the top three best type of athletes in the world, up there with soccer players. But I guess that's just my opinion. I think I would put basketball players up there in the top three.

    I'm not saying these winter sports are for everyone. They're not. But they deserve your respect, at the very least.

    Keep it real.

  5. Agreed on the Davis/Henrick thing. Henrick's ugly, w/XL issues and nothing to complain about re: the pursuit. But please (please) don't hate on winter games.

    Don't pretend you know what it takes to ski downhill or that it's any less demanding than track and field. And don't pretend that skiing is a rich man's sport and that you learn to do it accidentally if you're born in a certain tax bracket. Skiing is a rich man's _vacation_.

    The best skiers I know are broke as fuck and have no hope of getting paid to do what they love.

  6. OK, fine, Kiren. You win. But it's just more fun to be a hater than to be fair.

  7. true that, but i think this is the one and only documented time, joey has admitted complete and utter defeat. write it down.

  8. well, once again i have to agree with you. though i do have some stipulations. i personally think that both davis and hedrick have some issues. they should just admit that they don't like each other and move on. the rest is just pettiness.

    also, whereas the winter olympics aren't my favorite olympics, some parts are fun to watch. i enjoy the ski jumping and the speed skating. this little controversy made it a bit more fun to watch i'll have to admit. which i think is a good thing. and the fact that shani davis won his event makes it that much better. he went out and took care of business and made history. makes for an exciting games.

  9. oh, and, broke or not, i don't really think that there's much sense denying that skiiing is primarily a rich person's sport. sure, poor kids can do it too, poor kids can also play polo, but how many do you actually see doing it?