Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 2/5 - 2/11

(Show me where they touched you...)

I know that Catholic priests molesting little boys seems like old news nowadays, but it's still fucking up the Catholic Church as well as all the people still caught up in the cases, not to mention all the little boys who will get molested in the future.

That's why I'm commending Father Bob Hoatson for dropping the dime on his fellow clergymen. Hoatson, who is a not-so-shockingly suspended chaplain from Newark, is suing Cardinal Egan and a bunch of other Catholic officials for a pattern of "retaliation and harassment" that began after he claimed there was a cover-up and began helping victims.

But the real kicker is that he claims Egan and several other big-time Catholics are "active homosexuals" and that he has "personal knowledge" about the dirt they get into.
And it's some real soap opera shit, like sleeping with gay kiddie prostitutes and relationships with other priests.
He is claiming that their closeted homosexuality keeps them from outing pedophile priests because they don't want to be forced out the closet.

That sounds about right to me.
Not that this reason excuses anything, but the element of self-interest makes more sense as a reason to cover-up for pedophiles than covering up just for the fun of it.

All this reminds me of when I wrote about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal for an argumentative essay I did in college. A girl in my English class told (ahem, snitched) her priest the topic of my upcoming essay and brought him into class the day I was to read this essay.
Granted, that didn't stop me from doing my thing, but it sure as hell made for an interesting class discussion.
While he was relatively progressive for an indoctrinated Catholic, it's clear that it's not exactly easy dealing with these people.

Hoatson, put his career, reputation and most of his peace and sanity on the line to ride with his cause and battle these people in court for the next millennium. For that Bob Hoatson, you are the Snitch of the Week.


  1. Holy shit. What a bitch. She actually brought opposition to a class for an essay? Wow... You should donkey-punched right then and there... in front of her priest.

  2. It was like a schoolyard fight where someone gets slapped and the crowd is like


    And then I Dirty Sanchezed her and all was well.