Friday, February 03, 2006

101th Post Special: Jesus Edition

First things first, this is my 101th post.

Onto business, I asked before and I ask again, can we all leave Jesus alone?
I know black people may be upset that Jesus has been portrayed as a lion in popular culture (See: Chronicles of Narnia), but still not as a black man. Puffy got so upset about it that he cracked Steve Stout over the head with a champagne bottle.

But is the 'suffering' of Kanye West and Mase enough to warrant these anaolgies?

I'm going to go with a hearty "Fuck No."

Becoming the new disease tester for Pamela Anderson or getting signed to G-Unit and beefing with the Dipset and Brandy doesn't make you a martyr. Sorry. In fact, Aslan is more Jesus worthy than any of you right now. Not to mention he has a rap song dedicated to him that beats out anything these two have released.

In celebration of my 100 subsequent posts, I decided to clean out the mental cabinet here at Start Snitching. Here are some other things that have been on my mind recently, old or not.
  • Why do little minority children keep dying in New York? Nixmary got the headlines but the shit hasn't stopped. Hate to say it, but all we need is a little white kid to die and people will get serious with this.
  • A-Rod chose America over the Dominican Republic and the DR's need to leave him alone. I'd ride with the country that give me a $508 billion contract.
  • Don't put credit card machines in McDonald's unless you know how a credit card works. In Washington Heights, DR central, some tech wizard overcharged me and then claimed she couldn't reserve the charge. And her manager claimed the same thing. After a call to Mastercard and McDonald's, (I'm petty like that) not only were the charges reversed but I got so many free coupons to McDonald's that I'm currently filming Super Size Me II.
  • If the House of Representatives is a plantation, then who would Barack Obama be on this plantation and why hasn't he brought me my lemonade yet?!
  • Because of Kobe, anything scoring effort less than 60 points doesn't impress me anymore. God damn you Kobe!
  • How do you break out of a military prison the same way I sneak into clubs? Easy use fake wrist stamps. This War on Terrorsim rocks.
  • Why do politicans only were red or blue ties?

It's so boring. Watching the State of the Union, I couldn't help but hope for a swarthy Regis Philbin-type president who could sex it up a bit with of his old "Millionaire" digs.

  • Could you really worship with a man named Reverend Dollar? You couldn't find a worse name if you read an urban booty novel.

Here's to 100 more.
Tell a friend to tell a friend.
Start Snitching fool!


  1. Your 100th blog only validates the idea that NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE MENT TO PROCREATE!!!! This is the kind of negligence that kills me.

  2. congrats, and keep up the fine work

    im hooked!

  3. yeah, what is up with rappers portraying themselves as Jesus? and crazy kudos to you for the McDonald's credit card work. don't let them punk you man, cause they will when they can.

  4. belated congrats on your milestone. I see that you aren't letting any moss grow on these posts either so you should be at 201 or 202 or 243(I like the arbitrary anniversary number myself) in no time.

    speaking of fools that NEED to start snitching...

    what do you think about this murder of BUSTA's bodyguard? It used to be just rap dudes geting merck'ed. Now its all kinds of folks in the periphery.

    What's next? 50Cent's hairstylist gets stabbed a mall record store CD signing.

  5. That Busta shit is kind of sad but mostly is just crazy.

    This dude supposedly took the bullet for Busta or some shit.
    And of course the G-Unit may or may not be involved.

    The shit is a bad soap opera.

  6. Is patty being serious? And isn't it a bit ironic that the person who is pointing out the negligence misspelled *ment*?

    The Busta drama is just sad man. Too much violence in hip hop Y-O