Friday, February 17, 2006

Can't a man shoot his friend in peace?

(Anybody else want to change their campaign donations?)

I was waiting for Harry Whittington, the dude Cheney shot, to die before I posted this.
But he seems to be the gulliest 78 year-old in the world because he walked out of the hospital today and promised the G.O.P. not to die before November 8th.

All I wanted to say was that if you are connected enough to be on a private hunting trip with Dick Cheney you are probably a crooked-ass white Republican who deserves to be shot.
And I say that because Dick Cheney is quite possibly the shadiest mother fucker in existence.

  • He is the only government official whose estate is blocked out on Google Earth. There are uncensored detailed satellite images of The White House, The Pentagon, George Bush's Ranch and Bill Gates crib up on there, but Cheney's estate is blurred out.

    What the hell is he doing in there?
  • Back in the 80's he called Nelson Mandela a terrorist and voted against his release from prison.

  • He ordered the identity of an undercover CIA agent leaked because her husband spoke out against the War in Iraq.

  • And the Fox News interview with Cheney edited out the part where he admitted drinking before going hunting.

  • Not to mention the fact that the White House tried to initially blame the dude who got shot, saying "...the protocol was not followed by Mr. Whittington when it came to notifying the others that he was there" and referred to his subsequent heart attack as "an inflammatory response to a metallic foreign BB."

Why can't he just say, "I'm Dick Cheney, I got twisted on Grey Goose and heart pills, took my rifle and started shooting."
No one doubts Dick Cheney has killed people before. I know I don't.

If the Bush administration hasn't gotten in trouble for anything thus far, I doubt this would be what does them in.


  1. Of course nothin' was gonna happen to him, we're in a world where The Terminator is my governer(the shame) and lets just say our Prez. aint the sharpest tool in the shed...was this not expected? LOL

    Well, that's politics for ya.

  2. shit, I didn't know about the apartheid stuff. thanks for that info. my parents are from SA and fled the apartheid in 1974. This bit of info has become my primary motivation for my hating on Big Dick. Thanks again.

  3. You gon' end up on a commie list.

    I love it!!!!

  4. Well I'm glad I could give you the reason you needed to really dislike him.

    If my blog suddenly disappears you will know I ended in Cuba on a vacation.

  5. Model Minority:

    Close. It's not the commie list, it's the terrorist list.

  6. Wow- to get shot & apologize 4 it? Amazing.

  7. once again, spot on my friend. that Whittington dude is one tough SOB though.

    And, Cheney's house is blocked out of Google earth? That's crazy, maybe it's just like a vampire and you can't see his shadow. Perhaps hell doesn't show up via satellite?

  8. That's clout to get satellite pictures blocked.
    The dude don't play.

  9. Why can't he just say, "I'm Dick Cheney, I got twisted on Grey Goose and heart pills, took my rifle and started shooting."

    Probably because by all accounts it was beer and a shotgun?

  10. I will acknowledge that as a joke to go with my own...