Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Night Brain Dump

(Fat men, stand up!)

I don't feel like creating a coherent topical post so I'm just going to post a bunch of links to shit that raised my eyebrow in the last few days.

- Joell Ortiz is that shit. Dallas Penn knows the deal. I've haven't smiled this much listening to a hip-hop album in a hot minute. I tried to sleep on him because he looks like a guy that would harass me with his freestyles and mixtapes in the local barbershop. He may be that guy, but he's also the one guy who does that and is actually good.

He says bitch, ho, nigga and a whole bunch of other bad words and it's all gravy because the dude has the self-reflection and the perspective to elevate it above the level of coonery. Plus he's wicked with the pen. You will hit rewind

Between this, Sean Price Superstar and Prodigy's Return of the Mack album things are looking good for NY. If only we could get rid of Mims.

- I am so glad that Bjork has embraced her Debut/Post sound once again. Homogenic and Vespertine are that hot fire but between Medulla and that freaky "Drawing Restraint 9" soundtrack she did, even my whiteness was pushed to the limit.

The NY Times gave her a nice profile and I look forward to catching her new upbeat persona live sometime soon. I saw her in Coney Island with Sigur Ros a few years ago and the shit was insane.

If anyone knows of a rip to her Coachella set last weekend please pass that shit on.

- Market for Niggas from Oh Word.

- Apparently it is impossible for white men from Alabama and Cubans to be terrorists. The hypocrisy is so bad that even Saudi Arabia wants to stop fucking this us. When the Saudis don't love Bush, things are bad.

- Interesting bit of photo journalism about China.

- They still have segregated proms in America. It's all fun and games until someones girl gets caught looking...

- Luxury prison spas for rich people who break the law.
This shit bugged me out even more than normal because I just watched that Enron documentary.


Randomness over.


  1. I may be overstepping some boundary, but here is another bit of randomness to share.

    any words on it?

  2. "Between this, Sean Price Superstar and Prodigy's Return of the Mack album things are looking good for NY"

    Sorry NY you have 'Curtis' coming in 2007.

  3. Joell is that dude. After the first track on the album, he really didn't have to say shit else--the rest of the album could've been instrumentals for all I care.

    I want to hear a Joell/Sean P collabo.

  4. Sean Price is supposed to do an album with Guilty Simpson produced by Black Milk. That ought to be sick.

  5. There are no boundaries here at Start Snitching.

    I think that exhibit is a worthwhile way to attract attention from the gossip obsessed teens and older folks who think drunk driving is hot bc Paris does it.

    - We have Curtis and Cam'rons album this year. I try to focus on the good rap. 50 exists in his own rap world.

    - Joell's intro track may be the best intro in a minute. I rewind it so much it's hard to get to the rest of the album.

    - Sean Price is about to be everywhere with everyone in a minute.

    If Joell did a song with Sean Price, Ghostface, MF with Black Milk channeling J. Dilla from the grave could the Interwebs survive?