Friday, April 20, 2007

Top 25 Rap Albums Of All Time

(What else can be number 1?)

My mans Joey and them over at Straight Bangin' are bringing the entire Internet together for the Top 25 Rap Albums of all time.

I'm still perfecting my list but I already know what number one will be.

Damn you Joey, I had shit to do this weekend. I can't fight the lure of a list though.
I'll post my mine on Monday.


  1. The first 10 shouldnt be too hard. It would be the last 15 that would difficult assuming you automatically discount Tupac's incredibley overrated catalogue and the Biggie's overhyped Life After Death

  2. ok, this is harder than I thought



  5. 1) Illmatic Nas
    2) Ready To Die Biggie
    3) Midnight Maruders ATCQ
    4) Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z
    5) All Eyes On Me 2Pac
    6) Life After Death Biggie
    7) Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life Jay-Z
    8) The Chronic Dr. Dre
    9) Paid In Full Eric B & Rakim
    10) Enter The 36 Chambers Wu Tang Clan
    11) The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem
    12) The Score Fugees
    13) The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse Jay-Z
    14) Straight Outta Compton N.W.A.
    15) Low End Theory A Tribe Called Quest
    16) The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory Makaveli/2Pac
    17) Doggystyle Snoop
    18) Muddy Waters Redman
    19) Strickly Buisness EPMD
    20) College Dropout Kayne West
    21) It Was Written Nas
    22) Mama Said Knock You Out LL Cool J
    23) Raising Hell Run DMC
    24) Atliens Outkast
    25) Hard To Earn Gangstarr

  6. I respect that list, but Kanye West did not make one of the Top 25 albums of all time.

    That is the only thing keeping me from cosigning.

    No Criminal Minded?

  7. I dont agree with 60% of that list.

    I will post mine tomorrow. Im still trying to cut down from 45 to 25.

  8. I know you hate Kayne for his massive ego, but College Dropout was good, to me its one of the few listenable non Nas/Jigga albums of the last 3 years or so. Never could get around KRS-One.

  9. In comparison to "Criminal Minded" and "By Any Means Necessary" "College Dropout" is the coaster you put your drink on while listening to "Criminal Minded" and "By Any Means Necessary"

  10. more than one of the albums listed by jp are marked with the "oh hell no," and kanye's is not one of them. the blueprint² immediately stands out: "oh hell no".

  11. I didn't see that he listed Blueprint 2 and not Blueprint 1 which could be considered worthy. Blueprint 2 is trash.

    Kanye's making a good album in the last 3 years doesn't mean it's Top 25 of all time.

    I only glanced at it because I've been madly going over my own list.

    jp - Jay, Big, Nas and Pac have 10 of the top 25 in your list. Damn dude.

    Share the wealth.

  12. If I really wanted to make life hard for everyone, I'd ask for your picks of the 25 top rap SINGLES of all time.

  13. Violette, you trying to cause a revolution with that question.

    I will start the fire and say I think that "TROY (They Reminisce Over You)" is the greatest song ever.

  14. I see I started a little discussion. I hope everyone is coming through with their lists soon, so I can critique :). Re: KRS-One, I can't think of a signature song from him partically from those BDP albums. You guys maybe right re him. Re: Blueprint vs. Blueprint 2. I actually was lucky enough to avoid buying the original Blueprint 2 double album and bought 2.1, which was the pared down version where he dropped all of the worse songs from the original Blueprint 2, so I made that judgment call that I liked that a little better than Blueprint. Re: the domination of the 4, I think a lot of people are going to have that problem. Jay and Nas have had probably the most long term success rapping and putting out good to great work. And the dead rappers society are going dominate any list just from how much they meant to the music. It also probably shows my age. Older folks may rate rappers that I am too young to hear a little higher. One vivid memory of my freshman year in college was going to the record store to buy life After Death and watching the Hypnotize video in my dorm room.

  15. cosign on need of a singles list. this is much more fun than an album list.

  16. I can't decide which should be the number one single. I'm torn between:

    Welcome To The Terrordome -Public Enemy
    Criminal Minded -BDP
    TROY -Pete Rock & CL Smooth

    I can't even move on to the rest of the list until this matter is settled. UGH!

  17. Go with TROY.

    It's really unbeatable.

  18. Really hard to put these albums in order:

    Eric B. and Rakim Follow the leader
    Nas Illmatic
    BDP Criminal Minded
    RunDmc Raising Hell
    Big Daddy Kane Long Live the Kane
    Brand Nubian One for All
    Outkast Atleins
    Da La Soul 3ft. High and Raising
    Slick Rick The Great Adventures of
    MC LYTE LYTE as a rock
    Queen Latifah All Hail the Queen
    Jay Z Reasonable Doubt
    Pete Rock CL T.R.O.Y
    Biggie Ready to die
    Big Pun Capital Punishment
    Black Moon Enter tha Stage
    Dead Prez Let's get free
    Tupac All eyez on me
    Jeru the Damaja The Sun rises East
    Snoop Dog Doggy Style
    UGK Riding Dirty
    Tribe Midnight...
    Gang Star Hard to Earn
    Public Enemy Nation on Millions....