Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Spirit of Truth

This guy might quite possibly be the greatest preacher ever.
Apparently he has been tracked down and given a MySpace page.

If you somehow missed the Internet in the last year, here is his claim to fame,

Peep his newest video,

What's on your feeble ass mind?


  1. I'm god! And bitch you not!

  2. Somebody needs to give this man and the "Vagina Power" woman a show.

  3. that shit is hilarious.

    'are ya laughin biaatch?'

  4. Hell yeah dude is frickin hilarious.

  5. I'm glad he got rid of that Samauri haircut.

    HR, I want to hear your opinion on the Alexis Tylor video. Do you think what she is saying is true.

  6. My friend in LA literally lives around the corner from this guy. He said he was going to try and get some new material out of him.

  7. This guy needs to collaborate with that Vagina Power woman and fill Don Imus' spot.

    Anyway as ridiculous as that woman is and as weird as her show is, damn near everything she said is true. People get caught up and shot everyday chasing ass they shouldn't be.

    Even if you don't agree with her you can tell she believes it all. She has that old school freak look.

  8. I agree about Alexis Taylor. Most of what she says is true. If she was educated beyond the 10th grade, she'd even know which scientific concepts to cite within the course of her discussion on Vagina/Penis Power.