Monday, April 02, 2007

Kill (C)Rap Music!

(Giving weed carriers a bad name)

By now everyone's seen Karl Rove's little jig rap.

Now keep that Rove video in mind in context of this Coup song from '94, Pimps (Freestyling at the Fortune 500 Club) about CEO's rapping about their corporate conquests.

  • "Motherfuckers like me got stocks bonds and securites
    No impurities, straight anglo saxon
    when my family got their sex on
    Don't let me get my flex on, do some gangster shit
    Make the army go to war for Exxon
    Long as the money flow, I be making dough."

The Coup spit that truth.

Anyway, people have been getting up in arms about his MC Rove shtick as being racist and/or offensive. What's the big deal? That shit is less offensive than Ms. Peachez and is no worse than anything on the Billboard Rap Singles Chart.

Listen to the #1 rap song in the country, "This Is Why I'm Hot" if your stomach can take it.

Goddamn that is ignorant. The Village Voice breakdown of the "song" is classic.

Considering that last week was one where 28-year old Tony Yayo struck a 14-year old boy for wearing a Game shirt and Snoop and Puffy had to cancel a tour because Britain wouldn't let Snoop in, it's clear that (c)rap music is damn near indefensible.

While folks like Marbury and Ben Wallace try to fight the disease of materialism that rap music so gleefully spreads amongst the youth, it's getting damn near impossible to proudly ride with hip-hop.

Start Snitching readers, what hip-hop are you proud to be caught listening to in April 2007? (Besides Jesus Price Superstar, which is all types of great.)

I'm about a half step away from buying some tight jeans, a blazer and Bjork's back catalogue and calling it a wrap.


  1. I just bought some CD holders and organized my joints...Made me feel good to see how many quality Hip-Hop albums I owned...especially when I know there are plenty that I lost or just don't have.

    That Village Voice article is funny, sad and a few other things.

  2. I'm proud to be caught listening to the Justus League. They are teh greatness.

  3. Yeh we been talking about Russell, Sharpton, Yayo and the whole mess over at Highbrid Nation. Honestly its gonna turn into quite a situation and I'm not too surprised that Russell stepped out of it.

  4. Tony Yayo has not been 28 years old for 28 years.
    No but for real he's got to be at least 40.

  5. mim's song is clearly reflexive.

    this is why, this is why, this is why its hot.

  6. I'm listening to a lot of Wu, Biggie and yt rap...YBT, and several Swedish rappers, Petter and the Latin Kings. I almost lost it with the Venn diagrams!

  7. Funny stuff, but don't front on Bjork. The hipsters hopped off the bandwagon a few years ago.

  8. Other 2007 albums besides Sean Price - Jesus Price Supastar:

    Black Milk - Popular Demand This cat, I believe, is a worthy successor to Dilla. Once he gets out of the "hot 16" mentality he can grow as an MC. Beat wise he has carried the torch from Dilla the way Timbaland did from Mantronix

    Prodigy - Return of the Mac A whole album of Alchemist beats. Its about time. I havent cared about a Mobb Deep release really since 96-97. Prodigy basically creates a concept album around the Mac 10. The 70s breaks the Alchemists uses give the album a blaxploitation feel. Its more than a collection of songs.

    Evidence - The Weatherman Ive always been a Dilated Peoples fan. Evidence's album is more introspective. Production-wise it sounds like a Dilated People's album. Evidence is an everyday cat. He made a song talking about how happy he is with life after getting over the loss of his mother to cancer. That is more real to more people than being on the block.

    EL P - I'll Sleep When Youre Dead It's wierd it's EL-P and nothing sounds like it. There are old school touches to the madness that gives it a headnod appeal that most avante garde stuff misses the mark with.

    Mick Boogie & Little Brother - And Justus for All... mixtape 9th Wonder has bounced so there are more producers in the mix. Phonte is still nice on the mic. They can pick out good beats. Mick Boogie stays out of the way. If they would only lock the R&B singer out of the studio Little Brother could still be great without 9th Wonder.

  9. sai-gitty: "never let my kids listen to rap / cause if they listen to rap, then its a wrap"

    and mostly wu tapes

  10. Amadeo - Hit me up and let me know what some of those classics are. I know I have gaps in my "CD" collection

    - I heard some Lil Brother stuff but I heard their mixtapes are better. Is Seperate But Equal the place to start?

    - Tony Yayo is damn near 40, which makes it even more pathetic that he is jumping 14 yr olds. 50 will cut him off or else that might be the end of the G-Unit for real. Yayo should have jumped Mims. The world would be a better place.

    - Bjork is my Icelandic wifey for life.

    g014 - I will have to holla at your list. Good looking on that.

    I'm trying not to be an old dinosaur whining about the old days, but the new shit is pure garbage and the culture is poisonous.

  11. "I heard some Lil Brother stuff but I heard their mixtapes are better. Is Seperate But Equal the place to start?"


  12. Seperate but Equal is a good place to start. I'll co-sign that.

  13. Denny Blaze is what I ride too.....

  14. Hell Razah's new album is pretty good and worth a listen or two. It might actually make you step off the ledge for a minute.

  15. update bro update. You know we miss your wisdom.