Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free Pacman Jones!!!

(The new Mumia)

Y'all may have heard that Pacman Jones, the number one contender for the title of King Jig, has gotten suspended for the 2007 NFL season for breaking more laws than the police had on record.

This new ruling is hot garbage. The only time Pacman wasn't committing crimes was when he was playing football. Plus, the dude is nasty as hell on the field.

How can you pay someone millions of dollars to perform savage acts of violence for 3 hours every Sunday and then all of a sudden stop expect the savagery to end because the Superbowl is over?

I'm a savage 24-7 nigga!!!

Al Sharpton where you at?
Jesse Jackson, we riding out on this one?
The plantation of the National Football League must free Pacman right now!


That is my version of the sentiment expressed over at the ESPN message boards, which I made the horrible mistake of reading. Based on the comments of a few Nobel Prize winners, Pacman is some sort of freedom fighter.

Read the wisdom of cracksnow,

  • cracksnow (4/10/2007 at 1:32 PM)

    He wasn't convicted yet. is this retro-active? All these guys complain about the Nba in here, because of the hip-hop influence. There was one situation with the pacers and pistons and nba responded swift with the suspensions. Nba hasn't had nearly the problems the nfl has had in recent years. Reverands Sharpton and Jackson should get involved he WASN'T CONVICTED!!!

It gets worse but I don't want to waste my brain cells posting that shit here. We have standards here at Start Snitching.

What I want to ask is why a certain contingent of Blacks believe that no African-American has ever committed a crime.
Sometimes niggas are just guilty. It's like black people refuse to hold anyone up to a standard.

Peep the cover of the glossy piece of toilet paper known as "Vibe Magazine."

Child rapist R. Kelly avoided his charges so long that he now gets a magazine cover with the tagline, "Is he innocent? Guilty? Or Guilty of Being Rich, Black, and Famous?"

I wonder...
Hmm, let me go to Limewire and download the tape of himself peeing on a teenager to refresh my memory.
Yup, that's his black ass all right.

I guess with Chappelle off the air people are forgetting exactly Kelly did. That "He made Thriller man, Thriller..." mentality is real.

Maybe Imus can say the phrase "nappy hos" again to distract the Negroes while R. Kelly, guilty of only being "rich, black and famous," statutory rapes someone else's daughter.


  1. or is he innocent of being rich, black, and fabulous?

    Getting the noble reverends Sharpton and Jesse Jackson involved is a great idea. Are they aware that this is a high profile issue involving TV cameras? Where are they?

  2. R Kelly has a history of pedophilia. He married Aaliyah when she was 15 and when he was 27.

    Now the tape? Let's not forget the kiddie porn pictures that were found at one of his houses in which he somehow got the charges dropped.

    Pedophiles will re-offend until they are stopped.

  3. That pedophilia history is real with Kelly and it's disgusting to pretend he's anything but.

    I felt sorry for Aaliyah. Her parents gave her away to a child rapist for a music career.
    And then she died while Kelly got to live and make "Trapped in the closet" 1 through 20394.

  4. It's just mind boggling for me that they would support him, BET play dude video all day. I mean, he is what he is... not a "flirt", a RAPIST. But peeps who are speaking that real like kweli, def, and fiasco we could barely hear them on the radio, so uck a video! Then again BET would rather educate our community on American Gangsters...

  5. R. Kelly's brother reports that Kelly fucked his 12 year old cousin.