Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Mess With English Majors

(Bad combo)

First off, I have Ex-CIA agents co-signing my post from yesterday.
Holla at me all you anonymous posters.

Next up, things people are asking, or will ask to be banned in light of this school shooting:

  • Basketball (he played it a lot)
  • Minorites in colleges
  • Video games
  • All forms of immigration
  • Computers
  • English Majors
  • Possibly Asians (I'm not even linking to the places I read this nonsense on.)

I will also add bad writing. Apparently, guns, not so much.

Peep this dude's short stories from a VT writing class.

Short Story 1

Short Story 2

Ho - Lee Shit.
Aside from the utterly horrible quality of the writing, that shit has school shooter written all over it. Don't even make me break out my psychology books to start evaluating what's going on behind the scenes.

Could you imagine someone reading that shit in a writing class?

That would quite possibly be the most awkward silence ever.
Please believe that class would be dropped ASAP as well as any other class that had Cho Seung-Hui on the roster.

It was a telling coincidence to see the accounts of what a weird and lonely kid Seung-Hui was, correspond with this study released today.

Asians rate sex lives so-so: survey (AP)

I'm just saying...


  1. I used to be an RA at my old school, and the sad thing is that you can't force these obviously troubled kids to seek help. On the contrary, most schools try to force them out.

    I really don't see what's so wrong with a little forced counseling. There were numerous warning signs, if only the people who noticed had the authority to help then this and a lot of much less tragic cases might end different.

  2. I'll bet he listened to Marilyn Manson too. That fucker is destroying America.

  3. Marilyn Manson and Snoop Dogg.

    Ban them all!

    Seriously though, as evil as it may seem, life ain't for everybody.

    Some people can't be counseled. His parents missed a lot of shit for him to get like that. The best you can hope for is that people like this kill themselves quietly.

  4. damn, those plays are ca-ray-zee.

    the icing on the cake was your link to asian sex life.

    didn't this whole event spawn from love-gone-awry???

  5. I love the Hip-Hop blame...What about that song "Let the bodies hit the floor"? That's good killing music. Or Techno only good for parties, orgies and killing.

    I remember reading about an Asian kid that commited suicide cause the person he was talking online turned out to be older and uglier than expected. I never thought that was suicide worthy.

  6. @Amadeo: I had that shit happen to me and I did not kill self. And I am Asian.

    I think the problem here was the fact that this dude's older sister went to Princeton and inhaled white cock, and he was clearly slow (he wrote like a 6th grader and went to Virginia Tech), majored in a non-science and was shunned by white women.

    I think we can all join hands and place the blame where it firmly belongs: once again, with white girls.

  7. I heard he listened to a 'Collective Soul" song dozens of times over and over again.

    Where's Al Sharpton?

  8. I am one of the annoymous readers and I would just like to say that I like your blog a lot.

    Ho - Lee Shit. Now you know you were dead wrong for that. Although its a classic.
    Unfortanly(sp) I think we will see more incidents like V-tec incident because of the way that our society is changing in that people are becoming more and more isolated from others(technology) and, people like Seung-Hui are left to deal with feelings of anger by themselves.

  9. "As evil as it may seem, life ain't for everybody."
    So so so sad but so very true.

  10. Asian people read this blog?
    I am completely ignorant of my readership.

    This guy had no girlfriend. He was a weird stalker.

    There was another Asian kid who looked like him, had a girlfriend, guns that went to Virginia Tech oddly enough. That's how that story started about this happening because of a girl.

    I would like to blame white women for this though. I will find the connection...

    That Collective Soul on repeat shit is weird. I was always scared of people who listened to any one song more than 3 times in a row.

    There is too much good music out there for that.

    True Supermodel - I agree on that isolation shit.

  11. yea this dude was crazy in more ways than one..luv your blog,funny posts.

  12. 171 dead from several bombings in Baghdad, including at least 140 dead from the bombing of a bus stop.

    We're totally being outpaced. We need to get our indiscriminate murder game up. It's shameful.

    See that PBS documentary in the Frontline time slot on Tuesday night? All about the struggles to train the Iraqi military, police, and security forces, and how difficult it is to get people to commit their loyalties to an uncertain nation-state instead of their more localized, sectarian militias. I don't know when/if it replays, but if you do manage to catch it, it's an hour well spent. Really interesting, but kind of horrifying as well.

    And when they open mic'd it over to Richard Perle for an hour-long straight opinion piece immediately following the program -- also horrifying, albeit for entirely different reasons.

  13. Yea, I've been peeping those PBS interviews.

    Pretty fascinating stuff.
    I missed Wednesday's one though.

    What I would give to get Richard Perle strolling through my neighborhood while I happen to have my bat in hand.

    Old white men who love war so much should fight them.
    It's easy to talk when you're eating donuts and moving G.I. Joe's on a map.

    Actually get blown apart? Not so easy.

  14. Being an English major at VT is like being a chem major at Oberlin. I know that this is a horrible tragedy, but I can still make fun of their lawless, rogue football team, right?

  15. I say it's still open season on the football team.

    Unless Vick donates 6 figures or more.