Monday, April 09, 2007

Nappy Headed Hoes Ain't Nothing To Fuck With

(Pwned, for now)

I'm back like Tony Soprano baby.

Much like David Chase can take the Sopranos off the air for 15 months and not explain a damn thing, Start Snitching can up and disappear for over a week and risk blogland irrelevancy.

Did I just compare myself to David Chase?

- I'm still trying to comprehend how Imus got owned by some "nappy-headed hos" as he called them.

I'm going to be 100% real because y'all expect the truth like that, when I first saw the Rutgers women's basketball team, I thought "Those are some gully-ass looking bitches."

I mean these are the kind of chicks that make Snoop from The Wire look like Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince.

Like these chicks,

But I'm not exactly expecting Brazilian models to be playing women's basketball in New Jersey. So why knock them for their looks?

The fact that a small sports program without the resources of a Duke University or a Tennessee can come up and represent like the Rutgers team did is commendable. Why shit on them for not looking like prissy white girls?

It's cheap for a person of power, a white male, to be taking potshots at poor black women. That's plain gutless. I'm more annoying by the cowardice of his actions than the racism of it. What's edgy about that? Gimme a break.

The whole shtick of blue collar white male shock jock fighting the repressive barriers of the FCC and mainstream society's political correctness is played out.

Hopefully Imus is gone longer than two weeks.

If Star and Bucwild can't be on the air, then to hell with all the other radio DJ's out there.
I'm keeping the hate alive until Star comes back.

- In other stupid white man moves, John McCain now claims that he's so gully he would walk through downtown Baghdad with a yarmulke, an American flag and a box of matzo crackers while singing Hava Nagila and he still wouldn't get shot by Arabs because that's how safe Iraq is.

McCain needs to officially go the fuck away. That fool is too damn old and crazy to even be a Senator let alone President. His parading through Baghdad with an entire platoon surrounding him while proclaiming how safe Iraq is one of the most shameful and insulting acts in American politic history. It always interesting to see the exact moment when someone writes the obituary on their political career.

R.I.P. John McCain.

Imus and McCain need to go wherever crazy old white men go when it's time to be put out to pasture.


  1. You know what pisses me off about Imus? It is that people want to use rappers as the counterargument as to why what Imus said wasnt a big deal.

    Since when did rappers become the cultural standard for Black people?

  2. I also get ticked off by the rappers argument. Last time I checked, white men don't exactly treat their women like gold, either. Just turn on MTV, or wait for the "Girls Gone Wild" commercial to come on late night TV (you won't wait long, it airs every 5 seconds). Does that give me the right to call white women out of their name?

    What's really funny though, are the people who think this isn't a big deal. When it comes to black women, we should all just "get over it." What if Imus had said something about President Bush? What if he had directed these comments towards Condolezza Rice? What if he had said something about the troops in Iraq?

  3. I'm one of those who thinks this wasn't a big deal; as an avid listener to 92.3 talk radio here in NY, the morning guys say all sorts of stupid, borderline racist stuff. Does that make it right? Probably not. But it's de riguer for the genre.

    As far as Imus goes, I think that when you acknowledge the rest of the convo (about School Daze), that adds context. And the truth is he was just making a ham-handed observation about race.

  4. Even if they "go away" they'll still be able to profit from their "stories". We just can't get rid of these cats. And BTW what drove McCain crazy...didn't he used to be sane?

  5. "But I'm not exactly expecting Brazilian models to be playing women's basketball in New Jersey. So why knock them for their looks?"

    Just what is the expected appearance standard for women playing basketball in NJ? Obviously, lower than Brazilian models, maybe lower than models from NJ? What's the appearance standard for men who blog?

    It seems value judgements about how the Rutgers team looks isn't the complaint, just how his judgement wasn't forgiving enough. After all, they are only [african-american, women playing basketball in nj] so how attractive could they be?

    Or maybe if he were a black man and put those words to a nice beat, with some brazilian models in the video for comparison, then his words wouldn't have caused such a stir? Maybe be edgy if he got the right producer?

    Hey, maybe there are a few men's basketball teams that don't exactly look like say a line of up Moroccan male models?

    When black people are actively singing and dancing (right along with white people, asian people, etc.) to lyrics demeaning themselves and each other, why is it so surprising when these folk feeling like they can keep the spouting the lyrics without the music? Imus didn't need any help to spout his ignorance - but unfortunately there really isn't a cultural vanguard to disagree with him.

    Nigger, Nigga, Pimp, Ho, etc. So much for the success at 'co-opting' the term into something positive.

    It doesn't excuse him, but really forget him, what the hell are WE doing? I think we need to focus on beating our own down,and it will be much easier to deal with people like Imus.

    Instead of constantly trying to home-train people like Imus, we need to home train our own. We need to check him, but deal with ourselves.

  6. This society has gone mad with who can say what to who and when and why they can say it.

    I say, if you would say something in that person's neighborhood by yourself, then you can say it in public.

    The disgusting shit rappers say is no more excusable because they have a Brazilian model in the video and a hot beat. For the last few years rap has gotten more and more irrelevant to me because I don't want to hear graphic descriptions of a strange man getting serviced by groupie slores.

    The shit rappers say is not an excuse to say whatever shit pours through your brain.

    That said however, his comments are par for the morning show course. What annoys me is the fact that he thought it was interesting to shit on an underdog in womens basketball.

    Real brave radio.

    Hey me - I expect Brazilian models to be attractive. Same for NJ models. Less so on average for girls who play basketball and men who blog.

    I agree with your point though. Black people need to clean house and address the worse things black men say in popular culture and get away with.

    P.S. - John McCain has been crazy since he got tortured in Vietnam. It's just now starting to show.

  7. fin, please sit down. imus and his redneck friends do not get a "spike lee allusion" pass. they didn't even know the name of the movie they had heard the phrase 'jigaboos v. wannabes". it is pretty clear to me that they were just looking for an excuse to call these girls a genuine epithet in addition to "nappy headed hos".

    are you really perpetuating the lax use of this type of language?

    also, i think the "alone in x's neighborhood" test is pretty sound. bc if imus and friends would have had that conversation in the middle of brooklyn or detroit or atlanta or somewhere, then they would have:

    a) been arrested for inciting a riot
    b) beaten, and then kicked, into a bloody pulp or
    c) all of the above.

  8. Start,

    The programming that precedes Imus show is WFAN sports talk. Since the Rutger's girls had lost the previous night it was the biggest story in sports. He just piggybacked off of it.

    The comments should have been a non issue when you use the meter rating some of the things uttered in the morning, but I agree with you that Imus is a coward. He should have called them "Nappy-Headed Lezbos" but he's way too chickenshit to fucks with that.

  9. It's as if G-dubs has some crazy mind control on McCain. He keeps doing dumb shit that only hurts him. What's that syndrome where kidnapping victims become loyal to their kidnappers? He never recovered from the mind fucking that they gave him in SC. The good thing is that this disproves the farcical notion of a moderate republican.

  10. Then I got to post as 'me', now I get my name back. At some point I remember the password and blogger will recognize me properly.

    Now that msnbc, and several sponsors, have dropped Imus, we hear the collective howls of angry white people shouting about 'free speech,' Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and rap music.

    Rappers sold them front row seats to the degradation of black women, to images and comments about 'good' hair texture, light-skin, with black women desperate to appear in these videos, to worship these rappers, to black men in 'regular life' indulging in the personas of pimps controlling ho's, etc. Rap magazines, and supposed hip hop "intellects," proudly stating how rap music was uniting the world, bridging racial gaps.

    Now we can all say nigga, nigger, ho, pimp, and contribute money to help rappers get rich off of images of pimps, ho's, glazed eyed drunk and drug-high black men waving guns, threatening to kill each other, and desperate to be valued black women in asian-hair weaves, lil' kim face changes, proudly proclaiming themselves for sale to the biggest playas, the biggest ballas, and people like p-diddy flashing wealth earned from all this crap, while trying their best to prove to white folks they are 'classy enough' to be welcomed into 'upper level white society' because of their money -- unlike the pimps and niggas they build their 'empires' upon.

    And oh yeah, 50cent and others say Oprah is a sell out because she doesn't give them the respect they deserve as rich people, because she isn't enthralled with them like white people, say Sienna Miller with Puffy? Like the white college students holding 'ghetto' parties?

    However, 50cent happily voiced his support for George Bush.

    I am glad Imus got smacked, but who really needs a beat down? Does the campaign to call out folks for ignorance stop with Imus? I didn't listen to Imus, didn't watch Imus, but I did once listen to 'black' radio stations until I got tired of having to constantly turn the station or turn the radio off to avoid being assaulted. I had to SCREEN BLACK MUSIC to avoid disgusting caricatures of black people.

    But wait? Where are all these very very loud and media-hungry black rappers? With their money and media influence? Why aren't they out defending black b-ball players? Jay Z? Lots of money, promoting his role as a wealthy business man where is his voice. Russell Simmons can take some time from promoting blood diamonds, etc.

    I can consider several ways that music is different than the forum Imus has, however the comments don't become any less disgusting because they are set to music. In some sense to set it to music, to a video and promoting it heavily, is far worse than some random comments from a person speaking to his audience who holds the same views.

    But let me defer to Snoop:

    >> "[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We're talking about ho's that's in the 'hood that ain't doing sh--, that's trying to get a n---a for his money. These are two separate things. First of all, we ain't no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC [the cable network home to Imus] going hard on black girls. We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them mutha-----as say we in the same league as him."<<

    Snoop is doing the media rounds fully unaware of how much he is embarrassing himself with the attempt to articulate on an issue. That is another issue to attack via campaign.

    Yes, now we have Snoop explaining to the world that his music is simply telling the truth about these women who are trying to take a nigga for his money. I don't listen much anymore, are there rap songs coming from their minds and souls about those men who are in the hood that ain't doing sh*t? Ah, nevermind, so as long as white kids can dance to it.

    Imus should have been beaten down when he called Gwen Ifill a cleaning lady.

    Sadly, I am out of the loop because my expectations for intelligence, common sense, sanity, take precedence in general interaction over some standard for attractiveness.

    But really, why is it that whatever women do, their level of attractiveness has to be used to moderate their existence? Cured cancer? Basketball Player? President of a country? But how attractive is she??

    What does Imus look like? How ignorant is Snoop? Jay Z? Donald Trump?

    All that side, I just warn that certain bloggers may be exempt from appearance concerns because they are cruising well solely on their intellect....:-) But slip, and you need to post a very very attractive picture of yourself.

    I forgot, with men the mediating factor becomes money, so we'll need a personal financial statement posted....

  11. Nicole, that might be one of the realest comments I've gotten on this blog.

    I appreciate that shit.

    You blog somewhere?
    You have a URL?

    Let me know.

  12. Wow, Nicole handled that point by point! I could not have been happier with her response.