Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 4/22 - 4/28 (Canadian Fiance)

(Is no joke...)

Peep this story from Canada about Mikhail Drachev, who got turned in by his fiance five years after he murdered a police witness,

  • "About a week ago, he decided to come clean and give her his real name because they were thinking about marriage," Staff-Sgt. Paul MacIntyre said yesterday. "She Googled his name and learned he was in fact on America's Most Wanted."

    The fugitive's girlfriend, whose name was not released, was initially "conflicted," MacIntyre said. Although it took her a week to tell police, she eventually "did the right thing" and should be commended, he said.

Love is no joke. Anonymous snitch, for your merciless enforcement of snitching regardless of the personal cost, you are the Snitch of the Week.

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