Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have Y'All Ever Watched Korean Horror Movies? It's Starting To Make Sense...

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Apparently this kid was a lot more insane than anyone realized.

Have y'all seen this Korean movie "Old Boy" that he apparently based his killing on?

  • The film centers on a seemingly ordinary businessman, Dae-su (the terrific Choi Min-sik), who, after being mysteriously imprisoned, goes on an extensive, exhausting rampage, seeking answers and all manner of bloody revenge.

It was probably one the most gruesome and disturbing mind-fucks recorded to film. Up there with "Irreversible" and "I Spit on Your Grave."

If all your shit wasn't together upstairs, I could definitely see "Oldboy" becoming the basis of some sort of revenge fantasy.

The other loser here?
The group Collective Soul who will have their 90's hit "Shine Down" forever associated with a mass murder. Apparently he played the song on repeat for hours.

Like the grunge era doesn't have a bad enough legacy (Nickelback, ahem) as it is...

This whole thing feels like the first intersection of today's YouTube/MySpace culture and mass violence. Kind of like the 2007 social networking sequel to 1999 Columbine.

Mass murderers have always been delusional and self-absorbed. Cho Seung-Hui was a senior at VT and his sister graduated from Princeton, yet he was complaining about rich kids? Talk about disconnection from reality.

Talk about "Get Rich or Die Trying."

Looking at the photos and the video he left, I can't help but see it as someones demented MySpace page and the twisted YouTube video blog that would go along with it.
The self-portrait posing, the solipsism, the bad pseudo-poetry, the martyr complex.

Pretty common shit.

Side Notes:

  • Virginia Tech is going to get fucked the fuck up in law suits.

    Peep it,

    "Ms. Norris, who taught Mr. Cho in a 10-student creative writing workshop last fall, was disturbed enough by his writings that she contacted the associate dean of students, Mary Ann Lewis. Ms. Norris said the faculty was instructed to report problem students to Ms. Lewis.

    “You go to her to find out if there are any other complaints about a student,” Ms. Norris said, adding that Ms. Lewis had said she had no record of any problem with Mr. Cho despite his long and troubled history at the university."


  • Michael Vick's cheap ass donated $10,000. Less than it cost him in legal fees to shake the charge of weed smuggling charge.

  • John McCain has climbed the ranks and locked down the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots of most hated politician by saying he believes in "no gun control."

    Smooth timing there McCain.

Oh, by the way, nearly 200 Iraqis (which equals 3 American lives) got blown away in Baghdad today. For the record, they have no faces and no names.

Peep this tale from the blast,

  • “The blast threw me to the ground and shattered a window over my body,” said Salar Kamal Zari, a 37-year-old teacher visiting from Kurdistan, who had just stepped into a nearby store when the bomb exploded. “I saw a human head in front of the store and many cars burning and smoke everywhere.”

    “I will never stay in Baghdad anymore,” he vowed.

Who the fuck visits Iraq on vacation?
Dude, fire your travel agent and get a crazy Asian kid involved if you want anyone to give a damn.


  1. This story is so random. I read yesterday that his old English teacher, who refused to teach him because he was so clearly fucked up, was Nikki Giovanni. WTF?

  2. That video is sickening. Really.

  3. That blast took a back seat to the VTech story here. Damn shame dude desecrated my song like that, even the students will be suing for emotional distress and pain and suffering.

  4. Also....dude was a crappy writer, how the hell was he about to graduate with stuff like that?

    I will see this though the things he complained about...I can imagine part of his experience.

  5. The Nikki Giovanni connection is pretty damn random.

    The first thing I said was that if I had some insane loner kid writing about murder and rape every damn day I'd drop the class.

    And 60 people dropped her class.
    She also had the sense to get him booted.

    VT will be coughing up millions for years. They F'ed up.

    And I doubt their English program can recover from such shitty writing from a senior.

    Were they passing him out of fear?

  6. I have to agree with you about the priority of the Va Tech story over Iraq. I actually heard one of my cousins say she didn't care about the Iraqis because it was the American soldiers who mattered. If she weren't as old my mom, I might've voiced my WTF reaction.

    As far as the purported connection between the Va Tech killings and "Oldboy," I have to disagree with you. "Oldboy" is about the futility of revenge and while the story is twisted, it's not new. It's like a Greek myth (the plot reminds me a lot of the story of Philomela). And this story has been around for a thousand years without increasing rates of severing people's tongues or boiling children. I'd hate to see responsiblity for the Va Tech tragedy put off on movies instead the punk-ass psychiatrist who said, "His insight and judgment are sound."

  7. This has no value whatsoever but didnt this nutjob's voice sound just like Napolean Dynamite's?

  8. the oldboy connection is so out there. one photo out of the entire media package had any resemblance. i would have understood if he ran around smacking people with a hammer. anyways, dope site. first time i been on this.

  9. I posted last night at my blog about how his rantings, from gold chains to messiah complexes, pretty much reminded me of mid-90's Puffy videos ... so there's the How To Blame Rap For This angle.

  10. It's really sad that people only care about their little tribes, blacks, whites, Americans, whatever.

    Small thinking.

    He did sound like Napolean, which was disturbing. If he could dance he may have found an outlet for his anger.

    I think it's odd that he took that hammer picture. He didn't use a hammer but took a picture with it. Why?

    I know "old boy" was about the stupidity of vengeance, but he was crazy. What makes you think he got that message?

    I'm just following the media and blaming everyone except him and that bitch ass psychiatrist who let him go.

    Blame Puffy!
    His mommy for not hugging him!
    Global Warming!

    - Also, welcome to the blog.