Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Black Crusaders Have Shut Snoop Down

You may have heard that Snoop Dogg has been banned from Australia.

Australia said he didn't pass their character test.
I wonder why.

  • 1990 - Convicted of felony drug possession and possession for sale (cocaine) and a member of Los Angeles gang the Crips.

    1993 - Acquitted of a murder charge after a rival gang member was felled by shots alleged to have come from a car he and two fellow gang members members were in at the time.

    1994, 1995 - Fought charges pending from attempted murder case.

    1997 - Pleaded guilty to assault charges before he promised to make public service announcements against violence in exchange for three years probation .

    2002 - Announced that he would be giving up drugs and women.

    2003 - Snoop and his entourage implicated in a civil rape case from when he guest-hosted the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live. One month before the 36-year-old plaintiff filed her suit, Snoop sued her accusing her of extortion. Both suits were dropped.

    2006 - Snoop and entourage banned from the United Kingdom and British Airways after a fracas at London's Heathrow Airport. Snoop was later cautioned for affray for using threatening words or behaviour.

    2006 - Detained at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California by airport security in September because his carry-on bag contained a collapsible police baton which was deemed to be a dangerous weapon. Pending.

    2006 - Arrested in October at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California in possession of marijuana and a firearm.

    2006 - Arrested in November for possession of marijuana and a firearm after performing on The Tonight Show.

    2007 - Arrested after performing in a concert with P.Diddy in Sweden for suspected drug use. Released after providing a urine sample. Denies all charges.

    2007 - Escapes a jail term on gun and drug charges in April but sentenced to five years probation and 800 hours community service.

This fool got himself banned by a country/continent that originated as a refuge for unwanted convicts. Talk about forgetting your roots.

Those in the know realize that the Black Crusaders are behind Snoop's recent string of bans.

First they got Tracy Jordan, then Snoop.
Who's next?


  1. Black Crusaders, please do something about BET next.

    They also need a signal, in the style of Batman. A big "black power" fist lighting up the night sky or something.

  2. I got a list for them cats...

  3. Now you know you are dead wrong for that defintion. That was to funny though, I wish it was real.
    @amadeo-Me to.

  4. BET needs V for Vendetta treatment

  5. I'm down for a Black Crusaders symbol.

    Everytime you look up in the sky and see that Black Fist you would know another coon was going down.

  6. This fool got himself banned by a country/continent that originated as a refuge for unwanted convicts. Talk about forgetting your roots.

    Ha! Well played.

    Love the blog.

  7. Oh the irony! A criminal being rejected by criminals - thanks for making that point.