Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yup, In My White Coat

This is maybe a minute too long, but it's still pretty on point. And it almost makes going to an HBCU look fun.

To all the teens out there, forget the chicks you can bag with a white tee on.
It's all about the women who respond to that white coat knowledge and all its equivalents.


  1. this is fuckin hilarious. i expect this to be the #1 song on the hip-hop charts next week.

  2. Hey,

    I went to an HBCU. The same one as MLK, Spike Lee, Sam Jackson and Guru.

    Sure, it was like a big ass HS but I wouldnt trade it for anything......except the student loans.

  3. I agree, a tad bit too long.

  4. nice vid, depite the need of editing.

    if only the REAL world respected the white coat.

    eff it: we still got bet and mtv!

  5. HBCU are fun in their own ways, just wasn't for me.

    With some editing this would be the new Interweb hit.