Thursday, May 18, 2006

Star Went Too Far

(May your children always speak proper English and the gates around your property protect you from common ghetto trash)

I grew up listening to utter nonsense and offensive foolishness of Star and Bucwild. And by grew up I mean I listened to them in high school.

From their origins on NY radio as a one hour 5 A.M. radio show (that I really should have taped) on Sunday night (if 5 A.M. is still Sunday) where they were basically auditioning for a real show on Hot 97, to eventually establishing the best morning show NY had ever seen, these fools were beating Howard Stern in the NY market and spitting truth on the typically shit-ridden hip-hop stations of NY. Sadly, I left the NYC region for college, missing much of their Hot 97 run.

The original Star and Bucwild morning show consisted of Star; a confused bi-racial man who was sometimes brilliant and at other times infuriatingly ignorant, his alleged brother Bucwild; a perpetually high stereotypical Brooklyn negro who rarely showed up for work, DX 21, an angry black power/kill whitey Nation of Islam, God/Sun/Earth/Moon Muslim, Crossover Negro Reese; a black republican Jew with a white wife and tons of self-hatred to go around.
The show never had a steady female host, Ms. Jones (the ignorant bitch who made the tsunami song) and Prozac girl sat in at times, but the door was always revolving for the females.

You can imagine this lead to some interesting morning conversations.
This show had people who wouldn't be up before noon waking up at 6 A.M to catch the foolery of this group of characters.

At a time when Puffy and the jig(gy) crew were putting their foot down on the throat of hip-hop and everyone was gladly putting on their shiny suits, spinning in circles, covering 70's songs in Hype Williams directed music videos, Star come out as a black man unafraid to call out the shit of hip-hop and the ignorance of black people as well as anyone else who needed to be put on blast.

Star would bring on guests that would normally get fluffed on-air by Funkmaster Flex and Angie Martinez, while promoting their disposable trash single and James Frey (Oprah's bitch) them on the air.

He would talk over the Top 40 songs that the station insisted he play as well as cut them off after a few seconds if he had a enough.
How many times did I really need to hear Nelly and Mase in the morning?

He would play Rush, obscure funk records, random 80's pop and talk about shit people don't black people credit for being interested in.

He protested Jennifer Lopez using the word "nigga" in one of her shitty songs and then when he was meet with lackluster support for his efforts he began using the word indiscriminately and encouraging others to use it as well.

Star started his own downfall with the mocking of Aaliyah's death shortly after her plane crash. Although he wasn't fired for that he left Hot 97 shortly after.
He then went to Connecticut where he honed the show with a slightly altered cast, and made his way back to NY in January of 2005 where he enjoyed NY's number one radio show.

The show came back to a similar level of quality but it became more news-oriented which isn't always a good thing when the commentators spout ignorance as often as insight.

Gone were the petty fights with callers, the GNN (Ghetto Network News, the best satire of urban ghetto life ever) and skits that made the shows so original.

I have fallen out of favor with the show in recent months because the original Bucwild was replaced with an ignorant 19 year old black kid who fell into all the stereotypical modes of blackness without the humor or self-awareness that the original had.
Crossover Negro Reese quit the show and was replaced by Chris the Queer who was funny but nowhere as infuriating as a black jew republican.

He apparently got caught up in some kind of beef with a DJ from Hot 97 and a war of words escalated to the point where he tried to bait the Hot 97 DJ by threatening his daughter and his wife. Obviously he went too far, given the fact that he technically broke the law by threatening a child on the air and was actually arrested for his comments.

He put Clear Channel's back to the wall, they had to fire someone who was eventually arrested, but what the fuck am I supposed to listen to on NY radio?

His replacement, ironically was one of the people he Freyed (Can we make that a verb? If you are embarrassed in public, you have been Freyed) on the air so consistently, Big Tigger from BET.

Will he re-emerge in West Bubblefuck or move onto the land of satellite radio? His website is currently down and I can't find the official Yahoo! group.

Or will his ass end up in jail?

Despite the ridiculousness of what he said, I highly doubt anything would have happen. He's a radio host. He gets paid to talk shit.
Since I won't be hearing anything from him in the near future, I'll leave you with one of his on-air departures.

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Me, white man now open this god damn door."


  1. I'm really gonna miss his show. Morning radio is just a bore Star atleast made it bareable. I'm probably gonna have to get my cd player fixed now. I hope he comes back, to satellite would be great cuz he can be as free as he wants to be.

  2. The official Yahoo group has been dead since the day he was fired (the same day I joined it). I did get the one digest for that day.

    This is the yahoo group.

    I agree with your assessment of the show, though I was still checking it.

  3. Good looking on the Yahoo! link.

    They brought back the old Bucwild?
    How did the new one leave?

  4. That was a great article you wrote...Their originality and in your face bravado was one of the things that attracted me to them...I would never believe he would go out like this...

  5. Fuck them niggers(no brokeback)

    If they hadn't used my work and just kept shit one hundred i would have been like cool, but for the fact that they used my shit and didn't give me credit...

    "I hope they die, and I hope they burn in Hell!"

  6. Is he going to get buried in some small market or is Satellite Radio time?

    - Be EZ B Sunday,

    Samuel Jackson may almost be more quotable than Denzel...

  7. Dont worry fans. A close friend of mine who happends to work for Sirius Radio says that there is alot of buzz around the office in reguards to Star and Buc going there!!! Cant wait to see how it turnes out.

  8. have you heard, he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    --The Wow Jones Report