Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunlight and blogging don't mix

(The new Bjork?)

Between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show on Wednesday, my brief weekend trip to PA that involved an XBox 360 and my final defeat at the hands of the Facebook, there was no time for blogging.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs destroyed the Roseland Ballroom (NY Times review) last week and I was able to witness the insanity that is Karen O in person.

Being the first half Korean/half Polish female rockstar, Karen O rivals Bjork's eccentric origins of being half Icelandic/half Martian. They both have the stage presence, charm and mental instability to hold the attention of the rock world.

Although Bjork has about 8 albums and the YYYs only have 2, I can see Karen O taking the throne somewhere down the line. NY Times review.

All Karen O needs to do is publicly maul a TV news reporter.

The first opening act was The Black Lips, an atrocious retro-garage rock, surf hop band that wore out their novelty status within two songs. Picture the's (The Kill Bill Woo-Hoo girls) except male, without the cuteness and a lead singer who rolled on the floor, wore a wig and tried to play his guitar with his teeth.
They are the reason black people don't like rock.

The second act was the Dirtbombs, another garage rock band, except they actually knew how to play their instruments, write a song and the lead singer was black. Call it rock affirmative action, but I tend to enjoy black rockers (TV on the Radio) that aren't Lenny Kravitz or Ben Harper.

And then YYYs came on. Most of the songs they played were off of their newest album, "Show Your Bones" which sounds much better live. The set was about 75 minutes and Karen O is a truly incredible performer.

A glimpse of her madness,

Then I went to my boy's house for a few days and was reminded of the joys of being in a small college town where everyone knows a little too much about each other's life. I will skip the lurid details.

The main story here was playing an XBox 360 on a 40" screen. The wireless controllers are on point, the connectivity through a home network is fairly seamless and the games render well.

The game selection is not where it could be, but with the PS3 nowhere in sight and its expected price of $83754, all Microsoft has is time.

While in the midst of the small-towniness and the Xbox 360 festivities all anyone did was check Facebook. Drunk girls in the middle of a house party were checking Facebook, men in the middle of XBox 360's "Perfect Dark" were checking the Facebook.

This shit was truly ridiculous and so I gave in and joined the fun. Now I can find the kid who used to pee in the water fountain from kindergarten as well as the girl I used to play footsies with in 3rd grade.

I can also shamelessly promote my blog.

If I can stomach MySpace's schizophrenic and offensively ugly web pages, then I will have 15 year old webcam girls reading Start Snitching by the end of the week.


  1. Yeay! you had fun. Good day sir!

  2. ...and what exactly is the difference between Facebook and Myspace?

  3. whatyoudreamof9:54 AM, May 08, 2006

    i'm glad u asked, p.

    myspace is a cult, and facebook is a tracking system.

  4. Makes me wish the internet was cool when I was in school.

  5. Also you have to have went to college or work for a corporation on their list to use Facebook.

    To join Myspace, all you need is to be a horny 13 yr old with a webcam.
    Maybe that's why the web pages on MySpace are so damn loud and ugly.

    The Internet has gotten 2304 times cooler than it was when we were children or even when we were in college.
    We only had AOL IM with dial-up!
    A crime it was...

  6. AOL IM with dial-up! How spoiled. Does anyone remember Pine Mail and IRC?

  7. Damn, anonymous, you're taking it back.

    You might as well have been on a paper cup connecting with thread.

  8. 1992 my family bought prodigy. We could check the weather online after waiting approximately 3 hours to connect.

  9. Correction: All you need to join Myspace is the ability to type and make coherent sentences. Im liking this Facebook stuff, Thanks!