Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 4/16 - 4/22

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I was going to give some shine to Mary McCarthy, the woman who was fired from the CIA for leaking information about a secret network of prison centers the CIA maintained throughout Eastern Europe.
I'm going to take a guess here and say the prisoners weren't Christian and that they probably did not receive massages.

But now she is denying that she was the Snitch in the case, so I'm taking away her Snitch of the Week before I give it away.

Instead it goes to another woman, who has spit that vengeful divorced woman fire like no other I've seen.

Denise Richards, has eaten Charlie Sheen's food in her divorce filing. She alleges that her estranged husband is unstable, violent, addicted to gambling and prostitutes, and visits pornographic web sites featuring young men and girls who appear underage.

From the Smoking Gun article,

  • Richards's declaration, filed in support of her request for a restraining order against Sheen, contends that Sheen "belonged" to "disturbing" sites "which promoted very young girls, who looked underage to me with pigtails, braces, and no pubic hair performing oral sex with each other." Other sites visited by Sheen, Richards alleges, involved "gay pornography also involving very young men who also did not look like adults."

  • Richards goes on to allege that Sheen has become physically and verbally abusive and has threatened to kill her or have her killed. She even alleges that Sheen made thinly veiled threats both against their two daughters and her parents. Richards says that Sheen, who accidentally shot his previous fiancé, Kelly Preston (John Travolta's wife,) wanted to place firearms under their living room coffee table to protect them if they happened to be surprised by intruders.

  • To illustrate Sheen's volcanic temper and abusive language, Richards's court filing includes transcripts of six phone messages he allegedly left her last April, while she was pregnant with the couple's second daughter. In one call, Sheen says, "You're a coward and a liar and a fucking nigger alright so fuck you."

Denise Richards is a nigger?!
Holy shit!

Maybe I should give this one to Charlie Sheen for that revelation?

Na, Denise wins this one.

Denise Richards, for your detailed evidence keeping, public evisceration of Charlie Sheen and possible negro DNA (although I doubt it,) you are the Snitch of the Week.


  1. Why on earth would you go back to man that calls you with fucked up msgs like that? She's retarded and dont feel an ounce out sympathy for this woman.

  2. patty - you're all heart!

  3. Oh, don’t get me wrong I’m all heart! I just have no compassion for straight stupidity. She has children that are being susceptible to this crap, exposing kids to this type of abuse only helps perpetuate this kind of stupidity.

  4. denise richards is an octoroon. somebody get that woman a naacp membership and call the black panthers so that they can investigate sheen's madness.

  5. Patti is now Queen of Cut Throats.

    At least she left, better than a lot of women do in that situation.

    I'm still riding with Denise.

  6. I wouldnt say all that.

    True, she did leave and good for her. But still, there's no excuse for going back to an abusive man.

    Cada quien lo suyo.