Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What did I tell y'all?

(I run rap)

Taking advantage of Osama's weakness in the streets, Zarqawi dropped his own mixtape to squash all of Bin Laden's hype.
Zarqawi is still in the hood. Where is Osama?
Who are the impressionable jihadi youth going to listen to?
The Arab Ja Rule or the 50 Cent of this shit?

Peep the fire*, Zarqawi is spitting at Bush in relation to the increase in military suicides,

  • "Why don't you tell people that your soldiers are committing suicide, taking drugs and hallucination pills to help them sleep?"

He is even stealing Osama's video style according to BBC,

  • Parts of the video show the bearded insurgent dressed in black with an assault rifle beside him - the same posture adopted by Osama Bin Laden in many of his videos.
"You made it a hot verse, I made it a hot song" anyone?

Dear NSA and CIA,
Start Snitching and the Human Resource do not support terrorism. All writings are feeble attempts at satire and an effort to chronicle the media savvy of modern terrorists as well as the tangential connection to rap music.


  1. Wow! Not funny, its wrong to laugh, but I cant help it. Im so going to hell now. :P

  2. Bush better get some greatest hits tapes moving on the streets or something. Cheney need to teach him how to get his gangsta on.

  3. Osama mix yapes. You hella funny.

  4. Hey I've visited this site every day since I discovered it some time ago, keep up the good work. It might just be me, but that caveat at the end of the post looks a lot like you're snitching on yourself.

  5. It was a bit of self-snitching, but I really do not want to end up on the enemy combatants list.

    I like NYC more than Gitmo Bay.