Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Did you get your race card? Part 2

Since Black/White on FX is only six episodes, I will wait until it is finished to write my review.

There are plenty of other things that have been keeping negroes busy lately.

The NY Times has been in love with black people recently.

1) They have an article about black people using the Internet. Boy, we done made it now...

Negroes on thar interwebs!!11!!!

From the article,

According to a Pew national survey of people 18 and older, completed in February, 74 percent of whites go online, 61 percent of African-Americans do and 80 percent of English-speaking Hispanic-Americans report using the Internet.

What the hell are Hispanics doing on the Internet like that? Damn.

If you have ever been to a negro library, you will see that half of those kids are on BET.com, Blackplanet.com MySpace or whatever else kids do on the Internet.

2) Blacks have also brought the crime back to New Orleans, along with themselves.
From the article,

"They're beginning to surface again," said Alfred Barrow, a newspaper deliverer, painting his porch on an empty-looking block at Third and Magnolia in Center City. I'm out here throwing papers at 3 a.m., and I see them. What reason is there for them to be out there?"

And people wondered if New Orleans would be the same.
Poor ass black people killing each other.
Just like the good old days.

3) And someone has finally called out the missing X-factor about why black men are falling so far behind in society compared to other groups.
Hip-hop 'culture.'

From the article,

"Nor have studies explained why, if someone cannot get a job, he turns to crime and drug abuse. One does not imply the other. Joblessness is rampant in Latin America and India, but the mass of the populations does not turn to crime.

And why do so many young unemployed black men have children -- several of them -- which they have no resources or intention to support? And why, finally, do they murder each other at nine times the rate of white youths?"


"SO why were they flunking out? Their candid answer was that what sociologists call the "cool-pose culture" of young black men was simply too gratifying to give up. For these young men, it was almost like a drug, hanging out on the street after school, shopping and dressing sharply, sexual conquests, party drugs, hip-hop music and culture, the fact that almost all the superstar athletes and a great many of the nation's best entertainers were black. Not only was living this subculture immensely fulfilling, the boys said, it also brought them a great deal of respect from white youths. This also explains the otherwise puzzling finding by social psychologists that young black men and women tend to have the highest levels of self-esteem of all ethnic groups, and that their self-image is independent of how badly they were doing in school. I call this the Dionysian trap for young black men. The important thing to note about the subculture that ensnares them is that it is not disconnected from the mainstream culture. To the contrary, it has powerful support from some of America's largest corporations. Hip-hop, professional basketball and homeboy fashions are as American as cherry pie. Young white Americans are very much into these things, but selectively; they know when it is time to turn off Fifty Cent and get out the SAT prep book. For young black men, however, that culture is all there is -- or so they think. Sadly, their complete engagement in this part of the American cultural mainstream, which they created and which feeds their pride and self-respect, is a major factor in their disconnection from the socioeconomic mainstream."

It's easy to criticize hip-hop, because so much of the criticism is true.
When you are getting the message that robbing a hotel (Black Rob got 7 years) is a worse crime than murder, (Cassidy got 8 months) and that regardless, prison is a good inspiration/vacation between albums (Beenie Siegel, Lil Kim, Styles P) as well as probation being a resume builder (Young Buck, The South) you are going to have some confused black youths.

Too many black people think they can be rappers. Shit, most rappers can barely rap.
I blame rap.

4) Also black people hate marriage.

Article highlights,

"In 2001, according to the U.S. Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.9 percent of black women in America had never been married, in contrast to 27.4 percent and 20.7 percent respectively for whites.

I was stunned to learn that a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents during slavery days than he or she is today, according to sociologist Andrew J. Cherlin.

"If Jesus Christ bought me an engagement ring, I wouldn't take it," a separated thirty-something friend told me. "I'd tell Jesus we could date, but we couldn't marry.'"

Damn, black women are getting bitter, and it seems it's largely with good reason.

5) And to top it all of, look at this bit of coonery that has been all over the Internet.

What are black people thinking?
Did they not see the cameras?

I know they saw the cameras when they made this...

Why black people?

If you have any good news about black people, other than Spike Lee making a good movie that was #1 in the country, please let me know.

In the meantime I will be examining the possibility of some Indian heritage I may have.


  1. that is one crazy video clip. do you think they found the gold?

  2. wow! that video almost as disturbing as the like a virgin stuff.

  3. It's quite clear that most of them barely find their toothbrushes.
    I doubt they found the gold.

  4. You're a hater like Star and Buc. And honestly, I can't think of a higher compliment.

  5. i told u u were indian. as much as u enjoy curry-enhanced dishes and roti...

    why can u admit this to others and not me?

  6. I'm no damn Indian, although Start Snitching loves the Indians.

    And thank you for the hater accolades.
    I can only aspire to that level of hate.

  7. Black and White should give you material to work off of for a while.

  8. Fails to see what the big deal is with the leprechaun bit. So what ? Visit my blog :-)