Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Free at last!

(Beard no more)

Sexy ass Ciara is finally free of Bow Wow.
The spokeswoman also took the unusual step of stating that the breakup wasn't amicable.

Did Ciara get Terry McMillaned?

The phenomenon of attractive women with men of dubious orientation and appeal is not new.
9 times out of 10 the reason is $$$.
But when both parties already have money, there is no excuse to date a Bow Wow.

There are things a young supple 20-year old black woman cannot learn from a frail 19-year old closeted homosexual.

Ciara, it's not too late.
I'm here for you sister.
Purify yourself in the waters of Start Snitching.


  1. BOOO!!!! Dont hate! Bow Wow is a handsome little kid, I understand why she did it.

  2. you know who this is6:32 PM, April 11, 2006

    stop looking at ciara unless u want to coax her away from the tacky ass weave she's wearing in that picture you've posted.

  3. -Bow Wow is a fruity 73 pound boy who wears colored contacts and shaved cuts into his eyebrows in an effort to be hard.
    I will get my little brother to flip him.

    -I would help her sew in that weave. All three feet of it.

  4. HR, you ain't got no chance. Need I remind you that her last boyfriend was "under 21 with a black card"? How are you gonna top that?

  5. My Mastercard is black.
    And my Metrocard is golden.

    What now bitches!

  6. "no excuse to date a Bow Wow"


    So Lil Bow Weezie is supposed to be a Brokeback? That's a new one for my ears....granted he's hella corny, but a MO? Hmmm...

  7. Well, technically I have no idea if he is Brokeback.

    But since random slanderous rumors are so easy to spread on the Internet, I'm just going to choose that as the reason.

  8. yeah, he maybe trying a little too hard but hey, he had the girl.

  9. Ciara's your girl, Christina is mine. So when you get Ciara's digits, make sure you ask for Christina's. We can double date it or some shit.

  10. Nice pic of Millian there.

    I will definitely ask for the digits.

    Oh and I just found out Bow Wow did a song with pop "songtress" Jo Jo.
    Bow Wow is officially Brokeback.