Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's not sad if you shoot first...

(No shout-outs at rap concerts for him please)

The disease of hip-hop at nighttime got another negro shot this week.

The newest victim was famous this time and happened to Eminem's weed-carrier, Proof, of D-12 fame.

The knee-jerk "R.I.P. fallen soldier" amongst other bullshit hip-hop tributes had already started when the evidence came out showing that he fired first and was shot as a result of his own ignorance.

From the article,

  • Proof pistol-whipped Bender, a former Army staff sergeant, after a heated argument over a pool match,before firing.

    This Guy, Bender, was discharged from the Army due to a heart condition and decided to celebrate his freedom from the defibrillator at a Detroit nightclub.

Who doesn't celebrate the relief from their medical conditions at Detroit nightclubs?
"Any cancer patients in the house?!"
"If ya got both kidneys, put 2 fingas in the air!"
I hear it all the time.

The man's cousin, who has turned himself in, then proceeded to light Proof's shit up.

Peep the dumb nigger quote from Snoop Dogg at the MTV Australia Music Awards,

  • "He was a part of the hip-hop family. We can't stop [the violence...but we can] try to be as positive as we can and do good things with our lives. I just know that every time somebody gets killed in hip-hop, we should look at it as a tragedy. There's nothing we can do to stop it as hip-hop artists, but be who we are and continue to make our good music."
No, you stupid motherfucker, we can stop the violence.
Instead of gun-butting and shooting someone over an argument involving a pool game, you can maybe try not to act like a stereotypical irascible rapper and realize that if you pull out your gun another person will probably pull out their gun.

Maybe he could have thought of his kids before he decided to act out "Gimme the Loot."
Why is a 32 year-old man with 5 children at an afterhours nightclub in Detroit pistol whipping people?
Clubs close at 2 AM in Detroit and the shit went down at 4:30. Nothing good happens at after-hours spots.

And to add a drop of irony to the situation, Eminem's 2004 video "Toy Soldiers" about ending rap beefs, showed Eminem attending Proof's mock funeral.
Considering that was the only good song off of that horrible album, maybe now Eminem will have something to rhyme about again.

Perhaps some good can come out of this situation after all.

In more positive music news, the best album of the 80's, Sonic Youth's classic, Daydream Nation, was inducted in the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry 2006 class.

Motherfuckers in Washington listen to indie music?

Some of the other recordings inducted this year are President Coolidge's inauguration, the first trans-Atlantic telephone conversation, Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced," Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," and Stevie Wonder's "Songs on the key of Life."

Not bad company at all.

And no one from Sonic Youth shot anyone either.


  1. What happened to my crap 80's music now? awww I love this!

  2. "We can't stop [the violence...but we can] try to be as positive as we can and do good things with our lives."

    oxymoron, should have been working in the press office for the defense department.

  3. That sounds like some Rumsfeldian shit.

    Is Snoop Doggy Gizzle a Republizzle?

  4. "No, you stupid motherfucker, we can stop the violence."

    quote of the day! a+++

  5. It's the hard nigga theory...Hard nigga approaches someone punks them the take it hard nigga walks away the world is right.
    When keeping it real goes wrong...the hard nigga does something and the person responds. The hard nigga thinks and usually says, "what's wrong with you!"

    I remember this dude grabbed me one day unprovoked...I slammed him...he jumped up and said,"what's your problem." I don't speak hard nigga...I speak get you damn hands off me...hard niggas don't understand that.

  6. amen.
    seriously amen.

    i thought i was the only one thinking like that.

    i will now subscribe or at least read at work