Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The drama king Osama

Osama Bin Laden secretly wants to be a rapper. You can tell by the timing of his terrorist tapes. He dropped his last tape right when the Cam'ron / Jay-Z beef was brewing.
And he took that off the radar with the quickness.

Now, a short while after MTV's bullshit top ten rappers of all time list was released, he comes with the newest addition to his series, that literally has set the world on fire.

But apparently the streets aren't really checking for Osama like they used to.

Sudan, which was a former home of Bin Laden was quoted as saying, "Ever since Osama left the hood, he's been spitting that flossy global shit that I can't really get into."

Hamas said, "Bin Laden? His early shit is classic but I don't really feel his new stuff anymore."

It's sad when you lose touch with your core audience. Except him to call out Zarqawi on his next tape to get some buzz going in the streets.


In other Iraqi news, the seldom heard from population of gay Muslims is suffering silently in the post-Saddam regime.
If there is one place in the world where you should repress your homosexuality, it is post-Saddam Iraq.
When straight Muslims can't stay alive, surely gay Muslims must realize their chances are a little worse than par.
They'd be better off in Jamaica, the way things are looking.

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  1. "They'd be better off in Jamaica..."

    Classic line!