Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snitch of the Week: 1/6 - 1/12: Al Sharpton (Bounty Hunter)

(I'm coming for you Sharpton)

Apparently Al Sharpton is picking up the slack for the Dog the Bounty Hunter since his son flipped on him a few weeks ago.

These two Shawshank fans snuck out their prison cell on some Prison Break shit and were eventually caught but not before King Ambulance Chaser Al Sharpton tried to get some shine off this spectacle.

  • Even though his ad hoc mission collapsed, Sharpton still tried to take credit for the arrest. "Clearly his calling me ... helped lead to the conclusion," Sharpton said. "I hope that justice for all parties will be served."

    The Marshals Service denied Sharpton's presence had anything to do with the arrest, and New Jersey prosecutors blasted him for his attempted intervention, which they said bought Blunt precious hours on the run.

    Union County Prosecutor Ted Romankow said Sharpton never told him Blunt might have fled to Mexico - and the lawman first learned about Sharpton's stunt in Wednesday's News. "I said, 'Whoa, Mexico?'" said Romankow, who conceded jail guards didn't notice Blunt's original escape for 20 hours. "I was a little surprised."

    Officials with Sharpton's National Action Network insist they informed NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly about the Mexico mission. An NYPD source said Sharpton told Kelly only that a friend was trying to get Blunt to surrender and never mentioned Sharpton was going to Mexico.

    It's not Sharpton's first embarrassment. He famously defended Tawana Brawley even after the teen's rape claim was debunked and turned up in an FBI surveillance tape discussing a drug deal with a reputed mobster.

    Blunt was awaiting trial on robbery and weapons charges when he broke out of the Union County Jail with Jose Espinosa, 20.

    The pair stole a metal wheel from a storage room and used it to gradually pound a hole through a cinder block wall in Espinosa's cell. They covered up the hole with nudie pictures, just like a character did in the hit movie "The Shawshank Redemption."

    They apparently escaped Dec. 14, but guards did not realize they were gone for nearly an entire day. Blunt even left a cheeky note thanking jail guard Rudolph Zurick for his help. Zurick later committed suicide.

    Unlike Blunt, Espinosa didn't make it far. Cops busted him Tuesday a few blocks away from the jail in a girlfriend's basement apartment, where he had been hiding out with a twisted ankle.

Obstruction of justice... awesome!

This comes on the heels of some white twit on the Golf Channel who called for Tiger Woods to be lynched. As the stalwart defender of the Civil Rights that he is Tiger Woods said, "That's OK!" and then Sharpton jumped in and called for the announcer to be fired.

This woman should lose her job for that shit but Al Sharpton, with his record of corruption, opportunism and divisiveness is not the dude to trumpet these issues anymore, especially after going around the police to play bounty hunter. Get lost Sharpton.

Play golf, marry a white woman, join a country club and all that. But maintain awareness.

Why was Barack Obama able to pull off the mixed black man with different interests and background routine and maintain his sense of blackness, while Tiger Woods failed so miserably?

Al Sharpton, for getting your Bubs on, you are the Snitch of the Week. Tiger should lynch himself.


  1. "Why was Barack Obama able to pull off the mixed black man with different interests and background routine and maintain his sense of blackness, while Tiger Woods failed so miserably?"

    I've wondered the same thing. I also wonder why the black people, or mixed race people who distance themselves from the black community when times are good run crying back to the black community the moment things go sour and the whites turn on them.

  2. I think with Barack a lot of white people want to prove something and he's doing things we want a lot of politicians to do. All his potential scandals have been revealed by him. The best the competition can come up with is, "He wanted to be president in elementary school!"

  3. "Why was Barack Obama able to pull off the mixed black man with different interests and background routine and maintain his sense of blackness, while Tiger Woods failed so miserably?"

    1. Obama is half white and half African. To white people, that makes him "not really Black" because he has no connection to the descendants of Black American slaves. He has chosen to align himself with Black Americans, to some extent, but is nowhere near losing his acceptance by white America because he walks the line.

    2. Woods, while, biologically less Black than Obama, is descended from Black American slaves, so is viewed as "more Black" by Americans, a viewpoint which he has worked hard to reject by marrying a white woman, inventing names for his ethnicity, and suggesting that there is nothing wrong with people joking that he needs to be lynched (a.k.a.: zip-cooning).

  4. Woods said the woman is his friend, the comment may not be astute or appropriate but it was not racist. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. If Tiger doesn't want to be recognized for his race, then that's his decision. You don't hear Asisan ppl bitching at him cause he doesn't rep them hard enough. He's a young positive role-model (showing by example that black ppl are more than the media portrays us) isn't that enough?

  5. I wouldn't let my white friend joke about lynching negroes without a more serious public statement than what he made.

    He is a disgrace.

    Yes Tiger is 23984 races, but if he couldn't play golf and walked into a country club, guess which race would be noticed...

    Only one.

  6. Tiger doesn't seem like such a positive role model to me. I'm mixed, but if anyone said something out of line about any part of my heritage, I wouldn't be laughing it off. Just because these people let him hit the ball in their country clubs doesn't mean he has to take any crap.

  7. Al Sh*thead is a joke as is Black Osama! Blacks make a big deal out of the comment about lynching Tiger, well its a f-ing two way street and quite having a double standard. It seem to be ok to call a white person anything a black desires, but when a white says something to a black person, its all of a sudden racist? WTF! Lets talk segregation for a minute, what is BET, Black Entrepreneur magazine, Miss Black USA, black Starz channel, the United Negro this and that and the list goes on, that supports segregation and the idea we are all different. Until that all stops and we don't even refer to black and white, we are supposed to be Americans! I will never call a person African-American, EVER! Either your African or your American. I'm American, what are you? Black have entered and won the Miss USA pageant, then why would they need a Miss Black USA, that only promotes segregation even more and causes dislike among whites and blacks. Every time a black gets fired or doesn't get a job, you hear cries of racism, but what about when a black gets a job because they are required to hire so many minorities and a much more qualified white person doesn't get that job, is that not racism toward the white person?, YES IT IS! The N word has nothing to do with skin color and if it is so bad then why do blacks call each other that word all the time (and I'm not referring to those who use it with an a and not er, although its stupid for either)? Black OR white, if you apply for a job with your pants hanging off your ass showing you boxers and your walking like you have a corn cob stuck sideways in you ass and you are speekin like dis an dat wit ur slang, then thats why you didn't get the damn job Nimrod! If you have a city with a jail population that is 70 percent black and the city is about 70% black then that is a matter of statistics not racism! Use some common sense people. It should be illegal for blacks and white alike to drive around practically sitting in the back sit trying to look "cool", how cool will it be when you run over a little kid because you can't see in front of the car? How cool do you think you look when you are sticking your head up like a giraffe with you neck all extended trying to see as you turn a corner at a stop sign, not very cool, you look like a moron (see it everyday!) Why do we need a black history month, history is history and what is black will come about through the months as does everyone else's history, singling anything out promotes segregation and is racist in its own regard! You want to talk about being equal, where is my white history month, or even more important than that, WHERE is Indian History Month! They are the only ones who can truly say they lost something. Black were sold by their own people and if they want some sort of restitution for that, then they need to seek it out in Africa where it started! Lets not forget that little fact! I will never apologize for slavery, I did nothing to cause it nor was even around to be able to help stop it, nor was any of my living or known relatives! Bill Clinton is an idiot for doing such! Yes slaves shouldn't have been traded nor bought, but what about Africans who sold them? If it is so bad of a thing, then everyone who is mad should go back to Africa and take it up with them, you can leave the USA and just don't have anything to do with us if WE did you so badly, you wont do that because there is nothing to get in Africa and you want all the free crap you have here and how you can get your way and be baby fed each and every day. Blacks are more responsible for segregation than whites are at this point and are just as much responsible for racism both towards whites and their own race than anyone else is. All my comments exclude those worthless hillbilly white power KKK idiots. I don't know what to say about those idiots, other than lets ship them and any black power wannabes to mars to live.