Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Bill Clinton Free Ride is Over

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Let's keep it 100 right now.

Bill Clinton got a huge pass from liberals and blacks during his time in the White House.

People rallied behind Bill because Republicans got a little too obsessed with his blow job.

People thought it was a little creepy, especially since the critics like Newt Gingrich eventually got caught cheating on his wife who was in the hospital with cancer.

  • Gingrich’s personal life has been the subject of much attention from both the media and his political opponents over the years. In 1992, his Democratic opponent, Tony Center, ran an ad claiming that Gingrich had "delivered divorce papers to his wife the day after her cancer operation," which was not strictly true, although friends have acknowledged that he discussed divorce terms with his estranged wife while visiting her in the hospital.[14]

And how can we forget Clinton Crusader Larry Craig and his gay bathroom stall loving last year.

Once Clinton left office his free pass continued because Bush was such a disastrous failure as a president. But with the Bush era coming to an end people are beyond the "anyone but Bush, why not Clinton Part 3" mentality that Hillary was hoping to ride in on.

But after dismissing Obama's S. Carolina win by saying that Jesse Jackson did the same thing in 1984 and 1988, which is code talk for "all the coloreds win SC" I can understand why Clinton was such a target of Republicans.

And with Bill Clinton so willing to play the attack dog, it is fair to assess what people let him get away with in order to keep someone in office they thought would be able to fend off Republicans.

The Clintons are a dirty and divisive family and Hillary's current profile will get murdered by McCain.

She can't play the experience card or pro-military card with McCain. And the Clinton family dirt will disgust everyone who may have forgotten how they get down.

She had a major hand in many of the Clinton scandals and the slumlord that Hillary accused Obama of being cool with,

Whoops, she was in a picture with him.

Plus there was major Hillary donor Norman Hsu who got busted on fraud charges.

Whatever small mistakes Obama made in associates, the Clintons have made on a much larger scale, over and over again.

A few months ago I compared Bush's Libby pardon with Clinton's pardon as he left office and some people caught feelings because they felt Bush's pardon was different.

Politicians should stand on their records independently and relative to their peers. Bush being a shady ass mother fucker doesn't mitigate the shady dealings Clinton was involved with.

The Clintons were involved in

And this list, although open to interpretation is slightly disturbing.

Now it's 2008 and Hillary is trying to present herself as a fully researched strong capable female, who just happens to be riding on her husband's coattails.

The rabid white female liberals of Hillary's base seem to miss the irony here.

Let's trace this feminism.
Hillary let Bill shit on her for decades with repeated sexual scandals as she awaited the moment when Bill would put her in charge. Not to mention all the women Hillary implicitly let be slandered or explicitly slandered after Bill's sex scandals.

Hiring Kristol wasn't the The New York Times last blunder, they recently came out in Editorial support for Hillary. Several individual writers strongly disagreed.

Frank Rich

Peep this comment from his column,

  • It's so sad to see the Clinton's bringing back the dirty tricks and politics of personal destruction. But it reminds us that the Clinton's modus operandi and character has been remarkable consistent.

    We can also expect that if Hillary is nominated the GOP will reopen the many cases of sexual harassment and abuse of Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski, etc. But this time, the focus will be on Hillary’s role managing the attack machine. Previously, she was portrayed more as another victim of Bill's sexual compulsions and philandering. In retrospect, and in light of the return of the Clinton political attack machine, either the GOP or the “watchdog" press will start reminding folks that it was Hillary who was in charge of the fast reaction task force when they used smears, lies, denigration, and intimidation to undermine the credibility of anyone who challenged their power.

    The long list of woman who were victims of Bill's sexual compulsions, like Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski, Gennifer Flowers, Jaunita Broaderick, Kathleen Willey, Sally Perdue, Elizabeth Ward Grace, Dolly Browning etc. soon thereafter, became victims of Hillary, Carville and the rest of The Clinton Attack Machine.

    Hillary got a free pass on these retaliation charges. In any modern day state Commission Against Discrimination hearing, these retaliation actions would receive higher civil penalties than even the harassment charges.

    For example, surrogate, James Carville was sent out to denigrate Paula Jones on news shows with the "walk through a trailer park with $100 and see what crawls out comments."

Bob Herbert now and 10 years ago

  • Here’s what Mr. Young, who is black and a former ambassador to the United Nations, had to say last month in an interview posted online: “Bill is every bit as black as Barack. He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack.”

    He then went on to make disgusting comments about the way that Bill and Hillary Clinton defended themselves years ago against the fallout from the former president’s womanizing. That’s coming from the Clinton camp!


  • Bad Bill had been roughing up Obama so much that Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina suggested that he might want to “chill.” On a conference call with reporters yesterday, the former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, a national co-chairman of the Obama campaign, tut-tutted that the “incredible distortions” of the political beast were “not keeping with the image of a former president.”

    Jonathan Alter reported in Newsweek that Senator Edward Kennedy and Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois congressman and former Clinton aide, have heatedly told Bill “that he needs to change his tone and stop attacking Senator Barack Obama.”


  • With all the sniping from the Clinton camp about whether Barack Obama has enough experience to make a strong president, consider another presidential candidate who was far more of a novice. He had the gall to run for president even though he had served a single undistinguished term in the House of Representatives, before being hounded back to his district.

    Looking at the 19 presidents since 1900, three of the greatest were among those with the fewest years in electoral politics. Teddy Roosevelt had been a governor for two years and vice president for six months; Woodrow Wilson, a governor for just two years; and Franklin Roosevelt, a governor for four years. None ever served in Congress.

The Billary fiasco is the couple you see arguing in the restaurant or apartment next door, but played on a national political scale. They have dragged America down in their domestic circus for long enough. The Presidency is not a make-up present for the wife you fucked around on.


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    HuH, I guess the Words of Tony Morrison ain't enought for all HUH, Give em Freedom teach em how to read and this is what ya get.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was a wonderful breakdown. I'm really disappointed with the Clintons. They're so desperate to win that they'll do absolutely anything.

    I am not in favor of a co-presidency nor a political legacy.