Sunday, January 06, 2008

Don't Trust John McCain

Everytime people start looking at the nutcases floating around the Republican candidacy, McCain seems to come back into fashion as the nostalgia choice.

"He's been around so long, he's a vet, he's been tortured, let's just give him the nod."

Um, no.

Despite how horrible all the choices are, please remember that McCain is a senile old man with a history of as much hypocritical wavering and opportunistic positioning as any other Republican.

Click the picture to enlarge and see how Alzheimer's has ravaged his mind.


  1. I think like there is a age requirement to run, there should be a limit as well.

  2. Apparently he’s my boy, cause I feel the need to defend him.

    You can’t take a politician to task for making contradictory statements, or at least, you can’t single out a politician for making contradictory statements, and particularly with the case of McCain and Iraq, at least in terms of the advocacy, at least his policy remains relatively focused. Military victory (or at least peaceful statement) followed by political transformation. Sure he’s made some bad decisions in the name of politicking – speaking at Bob Jones high among them – but he makes more sense on issues like immigration and the environment then any candidate, including Democrats who barely even define their thoughts on the subject.

    Regarding Iraq, I’m not going to say my position is right and yours is wrong because I have no idea. What I do know is that it’s become popular to deride the war in Iraq, and when anything becomes popular you have to be twice as conscientious about supporting it. I don’t think it was a good idea to go to war in Iraq. I think we were misled about the reasons in the beginning, and that the reason given in the end, ending oppression/spreading democracy, is a farce that shits on the terrible conditions in many of the former-Russian satellite states, a host of other Middle Eastern states, and nearly every country in Africa. But do you really support an end to the conflict that brings the troops home in ’08? How would you imagine a positive outcome that starts with our relatively rapid withdrawal?

  3. To present himself as a war expert as he does, requires his war statements to be analyzed closely.

    He's batshit, but sadly he's the best Republican.