Friday, January 11, 2008

This Week in WTF

- This cartoon perfectly encapsulates William Kristol's brilliance and the kind of wisdom he will bring to the NYTimes.

- Why does the mayor of a US city have a MySpace page where she puts up pictures of herself in her bra and panties? Is she trying to fuck the local HS QB?

Nice abs, but Tragic.

- How can two twins marry each other by accident? Scary shit. I'm checking my birth certificate now.

- How bad do the establishment baby boomer generation of Democrats look as they try to stomp out Obama and maintain the status quo. The baby boomer age of political stagnancy and 1960's nostalgia must end.

Gloria Steinem, the fossilized grandmother of feminism, wrote a bullshit ass column in the NYTimes stating that no woman is ever a frontrunner,where she basically said that all women must support feminism by supporting Hillary, that Barack Obama wouldn't have a chance as a black woman and that white women are the saddest most oppressed group in the galaxy.

Her opinion is open to comments and she got owned.

  • I'm not supporting Clinton in spite of the fact that she shares my sex (female) and profession (lawyer), because she supported the war in Iraq when she had the opportunity (with way more information than the average American)to show some personal and professional integrity and do what was right even if it didn't affect the outcome of going to war. In voting for war she showed to me she was either: a)lazy by not reading the information she had available as a US Senator(unlikely); b)she was stupid by not understanding aforementioned information (unlikely) or...; c)she did what was politcally expedient (probable). I suspect she chose option (c), but is publically declaring option (b) by tring to identify with the many people who were fooled by the media and the other politicians who were too unaware or cowardly to voice opposition to the war. Neither is acceptable to me as a voter. I'm looking for someone in a presidental candidate, male or female, black white or brown, with a backbone to stand up and do what's right for the nation. I'm really, really bummed that it's not Ms. Clinton. I have the same problem with Edwards (I like trial lawyers!) Obama had the guts, early on, to say the war was wrong. It's Obama-rama for me. Sorry, Gloria, I grew up with your magazine. But it's not enough for me in middle age.

Rosanne Barr, that mid 90's fossil, had this to say.

  • barak obama is an empty suit selling "hope" in lieu of Truth. Oprah Winfrey helped to elect Arnold Swartzenegger. I have no doubt that she voted her purse by doing this, as she is a large land owner in California, and that ilk fears Dems because they do not want to pay their "fair share" of Cali tax. Oprah has given us Swartzenegger and Dr. Phil. If that was not offensive enough to decent thinking people, now she brings us Obama. He has no ideas, no plan and nothing to add other than the cynical pacification of the masses with bedtime stories about hope, while calling Unions "special interest groups" that need to be done away with.

    Obama votes with Bush constantly funding this terrible endless war.

    Oprah, you play the race card and the gender card too.

    You are a closeted republican and chose Barak Obama because you do not like other women who actually stand for something to working American Women besides glamour, angels, hollywood and dieting!

    When Americans find out that Obama backs right wing corporate racist anti worker bullshit, they will not vote for him, and the victory will go to the most racist right wing republican ever.... Mccain, who is a fascist!

Um, Rosanne, Hillary Clinton was on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart. You could only be more anti-union than Wal-Mart if you suicide bombed a picket line. And Hillary Clinton also takes money from Rupert Murdoch.

Think before you talk and spell Obama's name right.

And it gets worse,

Clinton supportor, Andrew Cuomo said this about Obama,

  • "It's not a TV crazed race. Frankly you can't buy your way into it," Cuomo said, according to Albany Times Union reporter Rick Karlin. "You can't shuck and jive at a press conference," he added. "All those moves you can make with the press don't work when you're in someone's living room."

    The phrase "shuck and jive" refers to mischievous blacks behaving innocently in the presence of an authority figure, so as to lie and get out of trouble.

He then tried to claim his words where taken out of context. He meant the non-racist use of "shuck and jive."

I read a comment of Huffington Post hat summed the increasing string of racial attacks Hillary is using,

My growing hatred of Hillary has little to do with her ovaries and it will be truly sad if she swings support back her way because she can fake cry on cue.
McCain is 204 years old and has been running for president since 1924. That motherfucking hasn't cried once.

And he got passed over for BUSH.

The Clinton's have burned up any favor they have with the black community a long time ago. Even they realize this and they try to backtrack on the shit they've said.

Keep all this shit in mind when the primaries swing around to your state.


  1. Let me make this quick, I think your favorite sunday shows is coming on! :-)

    They make these remarks and then want to say that they didn't mean it that way. I'm still trying to figure out why words like KID and FAIRY TALE are words that Bill can use and not be a racist. Why, because he has an office in harlem...he hires blacks...? nigga please! And Hill crying was the icing on the cake! They scared...


  2. "McCain is 204 years old and has been running for president since 1924."


    I can't believe you said that. So funny and so true.

  3. Blk ppl recognize BS (Billary) when it's in their face.

    What a disappointment in Roseanne. I don't know if I can watch her show anymore & I'm a huge fan. I thought she was intelligent until I learned of this mess of misinformation she'd posted on her site. LOL at her dumbass backpeddling.