Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Snitch of the Week: 12/23 - 12/29 (Maine is Racist)

(Notice that the Maine is white on the map.)

Obama is my niggy, I ride with him more and more by the day, but in case I forget that I am a black man in the USA, stories like this keep shit in perspective.

  • In October, the N.A.A.C.P. chapter for northern Maine got shocking news. A man from a nearby town had threatened to shoot “any and all black persons” attending the group’s meetings at an old stone church here, and state prosecutors were worried enough to seek a restraining order.

    Such remarks are not unheard of in Maine, the nation’s whitest state, which has fewer black residents — 10,918 in 2006, or less than 1 percent of the population, according to the Census Bureau — than some neighborhoods of Chicago or New York. But nor are they usually so blunt. The chapter has since held meetings at police stations and canceled its annual Kwanzaa celebration, which normally draws people from up and down the coast of Maine...

    “This man’s threat was shocking in its specificity and the anger it contained,” said Thomas Harnett, the assistant attorney general for civil rights education and enforcement. “It’s not often you see something articulated so clearly and so filled with acknowledged prejudice.”

    Still, Mr. Harnett said his office received 250 to 300 reports of bias incidents every year from around the state, most of them racially motivated.

Um, black people, don't live in Maine.

It gets better,

  • Many come from Lewiston, where more than 3,000 Somali immigrants have settled in recent years. In July 2006, a group of Somalis were worshiping in a storefront mosque there when a white man rolled the head of a pig, an animal considered unclean in Islam, across the floor. And last month, a Somali student at Lewiston High School said, a white man threw sand and dirt in his face as he ran at a cross-country meet.

    Last year, a white man shouted racial slurs at a pregnant black woman in Hancock, near Bangor, and kicked her in the abdomen, according to Mr. Harnett’s office. And in March, Assata Sherrill, a black resident of Bangor, told the police that three white boys had thrown stones and shouted racial epithets at her as she walked her dog near the city’s waterfront.

    Ms. Sherrill — who lives here with her teenage daughter, a high school senior who “hates every minute of it” and wants to attend historically black Spelman College in Atlanta — says she moved to Maine from Detroit in search of tranquillity. After the attack on her, she organized a series of community forums to discuss race issues in Maine. This month she held an alternative Kwanzaa celebration after Mr. Sawyer’s threat led the N.A.A.C.P. to cancel its larger version.


For reminding me where the fuck I live, Maine is the Snitch of the Week.


  1. I got a nice little contender for next weeks snitch of the week. Our good ol' friend Mr. Sharpton


  2. I see you got over the NY Times thing pretty fast.

    And anybody Black who moves into an all-white environment for "peace and tranquility" is an idiot. Especially when that person's name is Assata.

  3. Sharpton wins.
    I'm using that shit.

    I quote Fox News if they have an article I need.

    The NYTimes is dead to me as a top level respected news source.

  4. I have an ill story about Main, Lewistown, Somalians and racists. Heres the super short version:

    I'm a radical so me and some comrades went to Maine to protest this racist group trying to convince towns people the gov't was buying somalians cars and houses and shit.

    We went up there hand this is what I learned:
    Maine is the whitest state in America, look it up.

    Maine is really cold.

    Alot of white people hate white supremecists too.

    Some white suprememacists are impervious to the cold.

    5 Nazis, literally the size of Brian Urlacher helped to make me understand how scared you'd be your first day in prison in another state.

    I know how to put on my game face.

    The police are not going to protect you (even though I kinda learned that decades ago, I was with tons of white people, theyw eren't going to protect them either).

    People on the left need to unite.

    Yeah, Maine.