Sunday, January 20, 2008

God Forgive Me, I'm Cheering for the Patriots

The Cowboys shattered what was left of my heart last week.
The Giants crushed up the rest tonight.

Now it's Pats - Giants.

I cannot have the team lead by the first NFL quarterback with over 50 chromosomes, Eli Manning, be the team that stops the Patriots.
I just can't.
My brain would implode.

God forgive me but,
Go Patriots!


  1. I almost chocked on my cheez-its when I read "the first NFL quarterback with over 50 chromosomes" LMAO!

    I "really dislike" the Pats too (cause I'm a Raider fan) but I like Moss so Go Pats too... I guess

  2. I don't like Eli...but I really don't want to have to hear from Massholes for another year.

  3. Screw the Pats and anyone who twists their logic and loyalties to support them. I am a Giant fan, but I'd root against the Patriots no matter what. They talk about Brady like he is jesus, oh hes so good oh hes even a great father. Yeah, ok. White people love them some Tom Brady, and even while acknowledging his greatness, I can't stand witnessing felatio performed on a man under the guise of sports journalism.