Monday, January 28, 2008

Mitt Romney Is Like Mad Hood Yo, Dog!

This is Mitt Robo Romney relating to black people.

"Who let the dogs out"

"Woof woof"

"I see you have some bling bling"

To me, this is worse than some golf channel bimbo asking for Tiger to be lynched.

I can deal with the "I will lynch you" brand of racism but I can't tolerate that Mitt Romney brand of racism where all black people are fucking snippets of a rap video who do nothing more than wear baggy pants, say "Yo's!" and "Raise the roof!'s"

Not only are the references casually racist, they are dated.
Bling bling and "Who let the dogs out?" are from the 1990's.

At least the motherfucker could have said "Who Superman'd that ho?!"

In direct contrast to this simplistic casual racism, the Washington Post has launched a new site called the Root ( that examines blackness in all its complexity.

It is launching with this video series about black celebrities and their ancestry.

Peep Chris Rock getting emotional after discovering his super great grandfather fought for the Union in the Civil War.

Powerful stuff.

Be sure to watch the video with Morgan Freedman discovering that his possibly raped great grandmother lived with and was buried with the father of her children and the other video of Don Cheadle discovering his family was enslaved by Native Americans.

I need to do one of these genealogy tests quick fast and figure out where the fuck I came from.


  1. The Romney thing has been getting played everywhere...there are always examples of this, but not often from someone running for prez. The sad part is I think alot of black Republicans may be out of touch enough that they thought it was him being cool.

  2. Yo son, good looking out on link .. knowledge of self is the one power that no racist casual or overt can ever f with you know. I feel like this country needs to come together more than ever & Obama is the only canidate who will help to do that. The other prez canidates are just more of the same. I got enraged watching Bush get standing ovations for his BS State Of The FAILING Union last night. For once can one of the hoes boo his ass?

  3. This is dope, I definitely want to go back and see where my folks come from and who they were.

    I dont like Skip Gates, he rubs me the wrong way, and he is white people's designated go-toguy for all things black and historical/intellectual. Hes like the AL Sharpton of black history.

  4. Why haven't we seen Rommney's wife?

    I got a feeling he would completly change the game if he gets elected.

  5. Thanks for posting that genealogy clip -- I saw the first series a couple years ago and was fascinated by the endeavor. All due respect to "kai", but Skip Gates is a treasure -- not the Al Sharpton (read: racial opportunist) of black history. He's a gateway (no pun intended) into the oft-obscured history of the American black experience.

  6. Kai, you are an idiot. Gates is the "go-to" guy because he knows more about Black American history than 99.99+% of people in the world.

    You need to be shot for even comparing him to Al Sharpton.