Sunday, December 02, 2007

Top 10 Rap Albums of ... Not Yet

I'm starting to put together the year end lists and it's a little rough because there is a huge glut of Q4 music and I'm not interested in most of it.

Plus there is the never-ending Ghostface/Wu-Tang drama.

  • Raekwon recently had voiced his displeasure with 8 Diagrams’ musical direction. Are you happy with how the album came out?

    That s**t is wack. I heard RZA was changing some of the beats around the last minute. I didn’t hear that. I don’t know what y’all listening to out there. I never heard it. I’m with Raekwon.

Ghost is right. Whatever RZA did to the album sucked. There is no cohesion or melody anywhere to be found. The album is just plain awful. I'm scared of the first week sales.

On the other hand, Ghostface's new album is better than I ever expected. Who'd think Ghost would have anything interesting to spit after dropping 2 albums in 2006?

Also, this Troutman/Bootsy Collins hybrid "Sensual Seduction" video from Snoop is creative, hilarious and surprisingly decent as a song.

When was the last time those 3 words appeared together with anything rap related or I wasn't shitting on Snoop for his ignorance?

Kudos Snoop.

Can someone please tell me what project this is off of?


  1. Snoop has absolutely smoked himself retarded.

    Also, I don't hate the Wu album the way you do. I actually think it's occasionally great and occasionally terrible. Certainly a disappointment if you had high expectations, but still way better than most of the crap out there. You're right though about the Ghost/Wu cuts on Big Dough are exactly how you would've expected it had you predicated in '94 how the Wu would sounded in 2007.

  2. 8 Diagrams is pretty bad. The Big Doe Rehab is sick. Ghostface is good album after good album and considering that the MF Doom cuts didnt make the album expect "More Doe Rehab" in 08.

    That Snoop song is shit on a stick.