Thursday, December 13, 2007

TO to Keyshaun Johnson: Ho Sit Down


I'm riding hard with the Cowboys this year, as I have for many years, so it's particularly pleasurable to watch TO emerge as a team player, coach lover and overall good sport. It was also good to see him with my other favorite NFL player, Primetime.

Of course we couldn't go 16 games with out a little bit of shit popping off.

  • Terrell Owens, unusually quiet this season, but never at a loss for words when the occasion required it, responded forcefully Wednesday to comments made last weekend by former Dallas Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson, now an analyst on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown."

    On the show, Johnson said he believed former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells -- now also an analyst with ESPN -- deserves credit for what the Dallas team looks like now, with a 12-1 record.

I was part of the Bill Parcell's cult for a bit when he came to the Cowboys and I thought he was going to bring us back.
What he actually did was hold us back with stuffy playcalling, unimaginative offense and old-world authoritarian coaching tactics.

Then I realized he became the Lloyd Carr of the NFL and lost touch with the game of football in 2007.

Wade Phillips came in and cut out all the petty bullshit, such as refusing to mention TO by name and scowling on the sidelines like a mean ass drunk uncle.

Week after week Wade Phillips continues to look like he's banging the baddest chick in town and doesn't even remember who he got her number.

His happiness is contagious and sure as hell did more for the team's chemistry and record than 4 years of Parcell's acting bitter.
Keyshawn couldn't keep up with the NFL and bounced to the booth, just take your ESPN money and stay quiet.


Keyshawn Johnson is officially a fucking idiot.
Look at this godawful interview he had earlier this year with Chad Johnson.

Keyshawn, who was one of the league's most selfish and overrated players, has the nerve to criticize Chad Johnson while doing his best little kid impression of a "serious interviewer."

Keyshawn was washed up as a player and now he is taking out his bitterness of not being in the NFL anymore out on the game's top receivers.
Chad may not be able to talk now because his team is bad but TO can and he put the fire on Keyshawn.

Keyshawn, go away.


  1. george mitchell should be the snitch of the year

  2. Dude does need to shut the hell up. That interview as silly.

  3. It's unfortunate that ESPN feels driven to create news in order to feed its round-the-clock coverage. Yet another "Oh no, Terrell Owens is at it again!" story -- this one, not surprisingly, instigated by one of their own analysts (I use this term in the loosest possible sense). Who exactly is driving demand for these stories?

    This whole thing -- it's like, uh, constructive interference between media whores. Someone move one of them 1/2 a wavelength to the side. Yeah, right there; that's good.

  4. Does anybody else get the feeling that Chad Johnson was feeling froggy???

    I wonder if thats why Keyshawn was sitting sideways like that... in case he needed to breakout and run!

    And, I love how Chad answered every question with a question.
    Fun times!

  5. U know what? Chad...shut Keyshawn down! Everytime Keyshawn tried to make a fool out of him...Chad made a fool out of Keyshawn. Chad stayed 2 steps ahead!
    Tell me this:
    WHEN IN THE WORLD HAVE U EVER SEEN-THE INTERVIEWER STOP AN INTERVIEW??? That's bcuz Keyshawn lost control of the interview--Chad interviewed HIM!!

    Bria ;)