Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 12/9 - 12/15 (Black DNA)

(Must be the black in me!)

Jim Watson, the scientist who helped unravel the mysteries of DNA, stirred up a shitstorm a few months ago when he stated he was 'inherently gloomy about the prospects of Africa," because Africa was stuck with all that inferior Negro DNA.

After a career of legendary work, followed by a string of prejudice comments, he finally got called out for one of them and had to retire in shame.

So it's pretty awesome to have it come out that Jim Watson is 1/6th Negro.

The NY Times blog has a great summary of the cultural discussion that took place around this issue.

  • Willian Saletan, a hack at tried to defend Watson's position, only to be owned when he realized that the people he cited were funded by a Segregation group. Whoops!

  • Then the New Yorker and NY Times pointed out that intelligence is environment and also related to nutrition and other obvious facts.

    • If European genes conferred an advantage, we would expect that the smartest blacks would have substantial European heritage. But when a group of investigators sought out the very brightest black children in the Chicago school system and asked them about the race of their parents and grandparents, these children were found to have no greater degree of European ancestry than blacks in the population at large.

A commenter on the NY Times blog said it best.

  • "Elementary genetic code, my dear Dr. Watson. Looks like it black-fired on you."

Jim Watson, your colored DNA is the Snitch of the Week.



Mitchell Report

'Nuff Said.


  1. For all it's shortcomings, the mitchell report has given the investigation of steroids in baseball a kind of gravitas that some of our entertainment, ahem, news gathering organizations hadn't to this point. Clemens?! Ding dong the with is dead.

  2. With his black ass! lol
    Bet he cant wash that shit off..
    I'll take about ten dollars off my reparations check for this one..
    Thanks for keeping us informed,
    Happy New Year. -Q.