Monday, December 03, 2007

The Wire: Season 5

2008 is going to be awesome.

Or at least the 1st quarter of '08 will be while HBO airs the final 10 episodes of The Wire, plus a Wire soundtrack will be released.

I don't know why there is an explosion near Omar, but with David Simon writing I know it's for a good reason.

This season focuses on the media and why they fail to deliver the messages they are entrusted to deliver. With the 2008 Elections picking up steam and the media making all the same mistakes they made in 2000 and 2004 when they presented Bush and Gore as political equivalents, it will be a joy to watch Simon eviscerate the newspaper industry he worked in as he did with the public school system and political process.

The Wire duo of Simon and Burns also have an Iraq War miniseries, Generation Kill, due in 2008.


  1. Now I just gotta get my cable back on.

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  3. I'm excited as hell about season 5! It won't be airing in my country until about a year later, though, so I must stay chiseled with my BitTorrent game.

  4. Btw, Amazon has some kinda-cool prequel mini vids of Prop Joe, Bunk/McNulty and Omar.