Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get Sherri Shephard Off The Air

(Nothing predates Jesus.)


There is no witty or tactful way to say this.

This cow needs to go.
She's offended my good tastes more than Imus could in a lifetime.

Watch the clip and withhold the vomit.

I mean WOW.

First she doubted the Earth's roundness and now this. Sherri Shephard is women represents everything I hate about black Christian zombiedom.

What disease in your mind could make you say,

"I don't think anything predated Christians" and then ""Jesus came first before them" in reference to the Greeks and the Romans with such surety.


Speaking of religious zombiedom and its effect, the trailer for Persepolis is out.

It looks great.
The original graphic novel memoir about a free-spirited little girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Iran and her coming of age in Europe, made Start Snitching get some dirt in his eye.

It's particularly important to witness these humanized stories of Persians/Arabs/Muslims, etc when our government spent 3 FUCKING YEARS lying about Iran's nuclear capabilities in order to demonize them and start another war.

America is hurting my heart.


  1. Just because you hate God and your own people doesn't mean you have to stoop to Sherri's level.

    She doesn't need to be off the air because she is a Christian or because she is Black. She needs to be off of the air because she is frighteningly ignorant.

    Don't be a Sherri.

  2. HR,
    where did the picture come from? perfect white - omnipotent yellow

    that shit is funny!

  3. Did that moron in an offhanded nature just dimiss thousands of years of recorded WORLD history to say that a supposed Jesus came before eveything? Huh, and we are supposed to respect these Jesusfreaks because......


    Get wise to the scam.

  4. Dumbness aside I guess you don't like the big girls.

  5. I love all the ladies.

    I wrote that as an ad hominem attack on Sherri Shephard because her she's so ignorant.

  6. I haven't read the comic books (yet), but I really enjoyed Persepolis the movie. It's touching and hilarious at the same time. Highly recommended to anyone anywhere.

  7. I hate God and black people?

    Another anonymous coward knows me better than I know myself.

    Hating God is like hating Santa. What is the purpose?

    What I hate are the zombies that ignore HISTORY and FACTS because they dont understand a thirdhand collection of stories from over 6000 years ago and deny evolution.

  8. Bitter, sad atheists. At least they are sometimes funny.