Monday, July 10, 2006

Stop Pardoning Black People

(Let my people go... to prison)

Jig-jog supreme, Dallas Austin was pardoned from drug charges in Dubai, one of those crazy Muslim countries where they cut your hand off for stealing Skittles.

This fool "forgot" he had cocaine with him when he got on the plane to go to Naomi Campbell's birthday party and got busted.
Just like I "forgot" to pay the fare when I used to jump the turnstile.

Anyway, the news isn't the fact that he was pardoned, but who got him pardoned.

The normal nigro crew of Lionel Richie, who has bailed out Nicole Richie dozens of times, and Quincy Jones were key to his pardon, but the real kicker was the fact that Senator Orrin Hatch, a conservative Utah republican was the real force behind getting him home.

From the article,

  • "This involved multiple ambassadors, a prime minister, a prince, Lionel Richie, the senator and religious leaders in Atlanta," Mr. Reeder said. "The uniting factor of all these people,— the religious leaders, the political leaders, entertainment figures and prominent private citizens, was humanitarian considerations," he said. "Where should this man be under these circumstances?"
Are you fucking serious?
I'm glad all these people could unite for the all-important cause of getting a drug-addicted music producer back to America. It's good to see the government and the leaders of the black community use their influence on such profound issues.

First a white judge lets Lil Kim off easy and she comes home as a some kind of obese war hero and now this nigro gets a pass.
It's a damn shame.
Remember young negroes, don't do drugs unless you know enough white people to get you off.

Dallas Austin Knows White People (NY Times)


- Because no one listened to my rantings, Pirates of the Caribbean now has the largest opening weekend ever, the biggest one day gross ever and a bunch of other records.

$135 million in three days.
More than Spider-Man and any other movie you liked.
Friends don't let friends see Pirates of the Carribean.

- All college will soon be female colleges.

Women are running men out of college. (NY Times)

  • "I hate to be cynical, but when it was a problem of black or poor kids, nobody cared, but now that it's a problem of white sons of college-educated parents, it's moving very rapidly to the forefront," Dr. Kleinfeld said. "At most colleges, there is a sense that a lot of boys are missing in action."
Speak that truth Dr. Kleinfeld.

- I don't know if any of y'all are up on this whole Net Neutrality issue.
Here's a link if you care. Save The Internet.

Some would think, "If I don't understand this, my government will."

Those people would be absolutely wrong.
Peep what this crooked (took nearly a quarter of a $1 billion to make a bridge for 50 people) and absolutely retarded Republican Senator said in a recent debate on the issue.

  • The Internet is "not a big truck," Senator Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska, informed his Senate colleagues on June 28. "It is a series of tubes."

    Mr. Stevens was assailing a proposed amendment to a bill in the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; he is the committee chairman. The amendment, which failed in a tie vote, would have barred Internet service providers from charging fees to give some companies speedier access to the Internet. (The audio of Mr. Stevens's comments is at

    The Net is neutral, with all content providers having the same level of service, in terms of speed. Mr. Stevens says this is a problem.

    "Just the other day," he said, "an Internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday and I got it yesterday. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the Internet commercially."



  1. I sure hate it when people send me internets and they get tangled.

  2. Don't forget, Pirates also beat Aquaman.


  3. damn! there's a lot to digest in this post. nice.

    my sentiments exactly with dallas. dude shoulda been left to face a judge. the mixed messages we send the masses is unbelievable. orris hatch? that it very hard to comprehend, let alone believe

  4. - Tangled Internets are a bitch.

    - Does Vinny realize he lost his record already?

    - Connected people get off too much. That shit is annoying

  5. tangled internets are awesome. do you think politicians even bother to learn about shit they discuss anymore, or do they just stand up and yack cause it's all been decided anyway? i suspect the latter. great post, not enough attention is being paid to the net neutrality act, that thing could be just awful.

  6. I wanted Dallas Austin to go to the pen just so that my competition for Dallas of the year would be much more 'democratified' (Vlad Putin interneted me that word).

  7. Even your comments are on fire DP.
    Drive slow homie

  8. the funny thing in the quote about the personell it took to get Dallas Austin home was that the guy only mentions Lionel Richie by name...everyone else was just a prince..a prime minister....ha