Sunday, July 09, 2006

They Play Street Fighter in France?

(Zidane? Is that you?)

So Italy flopped and dove their way to a lucky World Cup title which no one with any sense should be happy about.
Despite the sad outcome, it was a pretty good game.

The moment of note is when Zidane gave a Street Fighter II style, Balrog head-butt to Materazzi.

Damn. Of course he got kicked out of the game and then the team had to rely on some other bum for penalty kicks.
Italy hit all of theirs and France missed one so it was a wrap for the froggies.

I am still trying to figure out what was said to Zidane to make him drop a vicious head-butt like that.

If you watch this clip you can see that the head-buttee, Materazzi is a dirty bastard.

Materazzi must have called his mom an Algerian dog catcher or something really European and racist for Zidane to ignore the fact that penalty kicks were about to start and fuck over his whole team.

I gotta give Italy props for the mind games though, when your flailing fails, attack the cerebral.

All I know is that there were a lot of people watching Amelie and crying into their red wine tonight.
I feel your pain.
Zut alors!!!


  1. Amelie is such a dope movie.

    And Materazzi is a dirty bastard

  2. It must have been something horrible for Zidane to lose his cool.

  3. They said Materazzi said something about his sister or mom and about him being an Algerian terrorist or something.

    It'll get cleared up soon.

    - Amelie is the truth.