Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Heat Can't Stop Me!

I've been bunkered down deep in the forts of Brooklyn battling the heat and dodging Israeli rocket fire, but I'm still here.

I was deeply discouraged by the fact that Amos N' Andy's, I mean the Wayans Brothers, newest advertisement for slavery made more than $20 million in its first weekend.

Seriously, who sees this shit?

I have friends who told me that "White Chicks" was funny and those "friends" have never gained my respect back.

Marlon Wayans is a midget criminal who must pose as a baby in order to bring some half-cocked scheme to fruition.

This shit made me glad that the Voting Rights Act almost didn't get renewed. (But it did, 390-33. All 33 "Nay" vote were Republicans and a bunch of them came from Texas. It's all here. Voting Breakdown.)

Republicans really wonder why black people won't vote for them?
Maybe because it's Bush is the only President in 80 years to not speak to the bullshit NAACP?

Although if you saw "Little Man," you probably don't vote, and rightly so.

- With so many fools not voting, some fool in Arizona wants to award a $1 million prize to one voter during each election and he got his idea on the ballot.

Vote for Cash (NY Times)

Just what we need, more poor people with lotto mentality voting.

Seriously though, most of politics is bullshit and it doesn't take much to become disillusioned with the whole political machine, but giving out voting jackpots like Crackerjack prizes doesn't help people pay attention.

If more people were shot by snipers and had their polling stations bombed like a good portion of the world, then maybe people would appreciate our (generally) free elections.

Vote or Die!

Excuse me, I meant Vote and Die!


  1. "Be responsible and you might win money!" Damn that I say get up more money and pay me for that 2000 rip off.

  2. I'm still waiting for the refund on that one.

  3. H.R., true story is that I was drafting a joint about voting and dying in America usinh pics of Diddy, Mariah and A. Keys all wearing those horrific ubiquitous tees. You beat me to it. At least the universal ethers gave the inspiration to someone I consider a friend.

  4. If its like your Star Wars Hip-Hop post you should still do it.