Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh No They Didn't...

(Does France know about this?)

Some Christians in Memphis threw a cross in the Statue of Liberty's hand, wrote Jehovah on her crown and made her hold The Ten Commandments and renamed her the Statue of Liberation Through Christ. And she has a tear on her face. I wonder why.

Statue of Christ (NY Times)

- In Season 3 of The Wire they created a drug haven where addicts and dealers could do whatever they wanted (drug related), as long as they kept it within certain boundaries. They allowed this because too many little kids were getting shot in turf wars and grandmothers were afraid of their own neighborhoods.

Apparently somebody watches the Wire because in Seattle they have created a haven for homeless alcoholics to drink themselves to death, as opposed to them running up your tax bill by using more expensive emergency rooms, jails and homeless shelters.

Kudos to you Seattle.

Alcohol Apartments (NY Times)

- In order to fix the labor crisis in Louisiana, slavery has been reinstated. Or maybe they just use convicts to perform all the reconstruction and the sheriffs pocket the money off of the labor. Same difference.
Either way this shit is wild.

Slavery's Back (NY Times)

- The Times also has an article on a Wife Swap on the Middle East which is has limitless potential. (Guess which family ended up being more racist?) and an article about an identity that is worth reading.

Wife Swap (NY Times)

ID Thief (NY Times)


  1. I just had a flashback from sista souljah's video for "Slavery is back in Effect."

  2. We're about to have some even worse flashbacks soon.