Friday, July 21, 2006

Parting Shots

Little Man is the fastest movie to reach IMDB's Worst 100 movies where it is currently #5 (Monique's Phat Girlz is #2.)

And then my friend sent me this blurb from a review of 'Little Man",

  • Darryl'’s sincere optimism enhances Little Man'’s premise. It zeroes in on our culture'’s usual infantilization of the black male, satirizing it as a literal form of bastardization. The soubriquet '“little man'” was used boastfully in Waist Deep by a thuggish young father'’s encouraging machismo in his grade school son. Through such popular premature address, hip-hop culture feeds on the social pathologies affecting family disintegration during the post-Reagan, post-crack era.

If people keep overanalysizing black movies and supporting them they will remain the trash that they are.

Speaking of confusion about black images presented to the masses, this Sunday Comedy Central will air the last episode from the Chappelle Show's faux 3rd season.
By noweveryone knows that he supposedly heard a white crew member laugh in the "wrong" kind of way at one of his sketches and started wondering if his show was just reconfirming stereptypes instead of defanging them.

Here's the skit that ended the show:

And Part 2 with audience discussion:

It starts off insightful enough and just degrades as it goes along. It's average, nothing to end a $50 million contract over.

What should Dave Chappelle be more worried about, his brand of self-aware racial comedy or the type of completely unaware coonery the Ying-Yang Twins display here.

Damn homie.

And finally, watch the best MTV Cribs ever and mourn over the fact that The Chappelle Show is no more:

He was rich biotch.
Peace homie.


  1. While I understood his concerns I know that someone will be put in his position that may not be worried anything but money and I'm sure we'll benefit less from the latter.

  2. I'll miss the over the top satire that didn't always work but provided classic skits that united everyone when they did.

  3. on the note of Little Man being in the top 5...looking at the has got to be better than "Glitter" which was in the top 20

  4. Really?

    At least Glitter has MC, who could pass the time.
    Not the ugly Wayans acting like babies.

  5. yeah good point