Sunday, July 02, 2006

Soccer Makes You Racist

The World Cup is now 100% Negro free.

First they made Brazil take out Ghana, (more black on black crime) and then had them play France (who they have a mental block against) instead of a crap team like Ukraine.

Why do you hate black people FIFA?

After Brazil lost, the post-game commentary in Brooklyn was something along the lines of, "That slavery mentality got in their ass. They couldn't beat their old European masters."

Seriously, why the hell can't Brazil beat France?

I guess I have to cheer for Portugal, or something...
They are basically the original Brazilians right?

As long as Italy and Germany don't win it I'll be fine.

German is also racist against other Europeans.
Peep this.

German site slur provides inspiration for Italy

Associated Press
Posted: 18 minutes ago

HAMBURG, Germany (AP) - Italy already has some inspiration to beat Germany in the World Cup semifinals.An article posted on the Web site of German weekly Der Spiegel earlier this week defined Italians as "parasites, mamma's boys and slimy," causing outrage in Italy's World Cup camp.

Der Spiegel pulled the story as soon it got wind of the controversy it created. The magazine also issued an apology, but the damage was done and it's sure to be discussed again ahead of Tuesday's World Cup semifinals.

"As an Italian and captain of the national team I feel offended," defender Fabio Cannavaro said. "These stereotypes applied to us come from an old culture that has been overly abused. It shocks me that this can happen in a civilized country like Germany."

On Friday, Italy advanced to the semifinals after a 3-0 win over Ukraine. Germany beat Argentina 4-2 on penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw earlier in the day. The semifinal match will be Tuesday in Dortmund.

Italy set up its World Cup camp in industrial Duisburg, an area filled with Italian immigrants, with the idea that the team would be inspired by the success stories of its countrymen abroad.

Antonio Pelle, the owner of the hotel where the Azzurri staying, worked his way up from a dishwasher in his native Calabria.

Some 600,000 Italians live in Germany, the second-largest immigrant population after Turks.

"From fashion to restaurants, we're a population of workers," defender Alessandro Nesta said. "People criticize us, but then they want to dress and eat like us. There's a bit of jealousy.

"If everyone's attacking us, it must mean that people fear us. We have great pride in what we're doing," Nesta added.

Italy can also look back to its 4-1 rout of Germany in March in a friendly match. Alberto Gilardino, Luca Toni, Daniele De Rossi and Alessandro Del Piero each scored before Robert Huth notched Germany's lone goal in the 82nd minute in Florence.

Between them, Italy and Germany have won six World Cups and four European championships. They also played one of the most memorable games in history - Italy's 4-3 extra time win over West Germany in the 1970 World Cup semifinals.

In the 1982 World Cup final, Italy beat West Germany 3-1 for its last major title.

"For me, Italy-Germany will always be that legendary 4-3," Italy coach Marcello Lippi said before the game in March. "Even though we won a World Cup against them in '82, it's that game from 1970 that I always remember."


They definitely deserved their loss.
Vive la France!!!


  1. Do you wantch soccer? A majority of the France team is Black. As A matter of fact the dude who scored the winning goal for them is black

  2. I second that comment...having France in the tournament is still like having a few Negroes present. Although it seems like everybody is riding Zidane's dick. Any talk is of him and not the team.

    Brazil really disappointed me. Where was Ronaldinho?

  3. France has a lot of Negroes but I don't think of France and say "Wow, I hope that black team wins."

    Sprinkling a few Negroes, that are otherwise unwelcome in the country, hence the riots, doesn't make your team black.

    That said, I guess I will have to cheer for them bc they are now the default black team.

  4. why u hatin on germany?

    i mean i totally agree on that as long as italy doesn't win but germany played a good world cup so far!

  5. Hmmm...reasons to hate on Germany...could it be cause the have some of the most "non-negro friendly fans"?

  6. could it be that you have no idea what you are talking about?

    there might be some people who don't like black people in germany but u got them over there too (just look at ur own president) but those people are not soccer fans.

  7. Dayday - Have you read any of the articles about German racism in soccer?

    Check this link

    As he left the soccer field after a club match in the eastern German city of Halle on March 25, the Nigerian forward Adebowale Ogungbure was spit upon, jeered with racial remarks and mocked with monkey noises. In rebuke, he placed two fingers under his nose to simulate a Hitler mustache and thrust his arm in a Nazi salute.

    In April, the American defender Oguchi Onyewu, playing for his professional club team in Belgium, dismissively gestured toward fans who were making simian chants at him. Then, as he went to throw the ball inbounds, Onyewu said a fan of the opposing team reached over a barrier and punched him in the face.

    It's bad in Europe altogether.

  8. i agree about not backing Germany and Italy, the Italians are a bunch of actors which is nothing but frustrating. And I agree with your points about the racism in Europe, it can get a little crazy. I'm pulling for Portugal as well, and I think the winner of the France/Portugal will win, cause Italy's been kind of skating by thus far, in my opinion.

  9. damn, you post that article and i don't even get a shoutout? that's cold. you realize you owe me...

    re: the italians, deny their talent if it makes you feel better, but they didn't "skate by" germany or ukraine and they were not in any easy qualifying group. no one who makes it to the finals of the world cup gets there by slipping in while no one's looking.

    in fact, here's a curious fact - the italians have made it to the finals every 3rd tournament since '70. that's not dumb luck bc no one else showed up - they're talented.

  10. I would like to thank anonymous for sending me an AP article that was reprinted internationally.

    The Italian team is good.
    But they need to lose now.
    This has gone on long enough.

    And it is weird that they went to the Finals in 70, 82, 94, 2006.
    Very weird indeed.