Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The End is Near...

Look at this ad based on HBO's fake Hollywood lifestyle show Entourage,

And then look at this moron on CNBC who reports about Pirates of the Caribbean beating the record of said fake movie.

With the Daily Show running this news game, Comedy Central is now a more reliable source of information than most news networks.

I swear if they turned the cameras around on these shows you'd see monkeys banging typewriters and the weathermen doing blow.


  1. hah, thats fucking priceless

  2. Yo I rely on the Daily Show...after them is Google News.

  3. Not to deflate the snarkiness, but that anchor is Joe Kernen. I've been watching CNBC since I was in diapers, literally, because my dad's a stock broker. Anyway, he's known for pulling fast ones on air and his chatter is replete with jokes. To be honest, he isn't even an anchor, but a show host and he keeps his show light. Trust me, he's an entourage fan and was either trying to throw a fast one by us or sending the fans a shout out.

  4. anonymous commenters are cowards. I'm glad that the news guy pulled a fast one on us in between the supposed real news.

    this just in John Kennedy and Tupac found on Mars. meanwhile Israel is on fiiiyah.

    hey Kernen, the jokes on you. your'e fired.

  5. Anonymous commenters are like people who use roofies.

    The word on the street is that this guy Kernen may have been joking.

    But I have to ride with DP on this one.

  6. it is funny but the clip was taken out of context. if you saw the whole segment he mentions entourage.