Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Clean Up

(Here we go again...)

Keeping on theme with Asians,

They also have found the time and means to make a raft out of Gatorade bottles.

This is why China will rule the world.

Other equally bored but less Asian people have made Titanic replicas out of matchsticks.

I need to learn to channel boredom so creatively.

- The rest of this post has no theme, I just need to get a bunch of pictures off of my desktop.

When Iraqi kids are rocking "Just Do It" Nike shirts while jumping over the debris of shot-down military helicopters and little kids are proudly displaying their heat, it's no surprise veterans come home looking like this...

- And these two pictures continue to disturb me.

Rich white people collecting Africans is the new slavery.
While everyone was giving Angelina Jolie white liberal handshakes for adopting an African baby, no one peeped the fact that the child's grandmother basically begged not to have her grandchild kidnapped by Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Oh, liberals...

Seeing a super crispy African dude praying in the middle of the desert to a lily-white Jesus hits me a little on the funny side.
He couldn't have gotten a negro Jesus portrait from one of his cousins on 125th St. in Harlem?
Damn homie.


  1. H.R.,
    what's poppin fam? I have been on some narcissistic shit and only working on my writing so I haven't seen you in a minute. This post is fire (literally). I need them two pics of the kids and I am thirsty for a pic of the three armed baby.

    how fucked up is that war shit? how do you charge those soldiers for war crimes and not the people above them?

    shit is fucked the fuck up

  2. those nasty angelina rumors have been disputed. those hating bitches weren't even related to baby zahara.

  3. - Steal my pics fam.

    - So says Angelina's million dollar PR firm...