Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brazil Vs. Ghana: What's a Negro To Do?


I finally get this World Cup business.

It's about proving your country/race/ethnicity/whatever is the better than everyone else.

It's like WWII, but with less deaths.
And if you don't agree, then why is it taking place is Germany? (Seeing anything other than a trial take place in Nuremberg is still weird.)

The actual sport is only a tangential to the grand scheme of things.
It's not about the game, it's about what it represents.

My gym is filled with Haitians and other West Indians, so soccer has been the de facto topic of conversation for the last month of so.

Someone mentioned that they wanted Germany to win and was nearly killed in the gym.
He was lectured on the fact that minorities get murked every day in East Germany and that an African player, Ogungbure was spit on, jeered and greeted with monkey noises as he left the field in Halle. (Ogungbure responded by placing two fingers under his nose in a mock Hitler moustache and gave a Nazi salute.)

Read more about soccer racism here.

He tried to say it's about the game. It's about race fool. When you watch Mexico play Iran, or any team where you don't know the players it becomes down to which race of people you like better.

As a matter of principle, I can't cheer for any team that was part of the Axis powers during WWII. And England fucked up too much of the world for me to ride with them.

So I'm fairly confused about the Brazil/Ghana game.

The fact that Brazil has had the level of success they do in soccer despite all the rampant poverty in their country is pretty hood. But Brazil has won more World Cups than any other country and most of their players are superstars.

Ronaldinho is considered the best in the world.

Dude is nasty.

But it gets a little boring for the same teams to win.

I'd be happy either way because Brazil gave me "City of God," but I gotta go with the underdog. Even though Ghana is less likely to go as far as Brazil would after this match. This is Ghana's first World Cup and I gotta show some love.

And as my friend said, when you cheer for Ghana, it's like you're helping Africa, so you don't have to do anything else to help them afterwards.

So I'm riding with them, even if it means replacing those sexy ass Brazilian women in the stands with the Ghanian grandmothers that seem to get all the camera attention.

Put please, no more Israeli flags if you win. OK Ghana?


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  2. I checked your blog and you seem to be a new blogger and not a spambot.
    So with that in mind you shouldn't leave comments like that because people will think you are a spammer and delete your comments.

  3. Soccer Explains the World put me on to the Gulliness of the soccer and how that sh*t is CRAZY international.

    It was a hot fast read.

  4. i am not one to post on here but...

    first, i am pleased (but not in a smug way) that u took to heart what we talked about and rooted for ghana even though they lost, and

    second, forza italia...

  5. Hello Ms. Anonymous...

    First, I was always down for Ghana, I just didnt realize they were playing Brazil right away.

    Secondly, fuck a Italy.

    - I'm gonna check that Soccer Explains the World book.