Monday, June 12, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 6/4 - 6/10

(Snitch of the Year?)

So much high quality snitching last week.
I have to give props to the two runner-ups for Snitch of the Week.

Runner-up 1:

- Jason Grimely who admitted that baseball players are still banging needles to get big, "Latin players had boxes of drugs" and almost wore a wire to get Barry Bonds.

Dallas Penn beat me at my own game and wrote about this already.

Runner-up 2:

- Documents from the National Archive revealed this week that the CIA hid the locations of Nazi war criminals (from Israel) after WWII.
There were so obsessed with winning the Cold War they used ex-Nazis (if you can ever really be an ex-Nazi) as spies and hid anyone, inculding Adolf Eichmann, that they thought could drop the dime on their undercover anti-communist efforts in West Germany.

No wonder the U.S. government was trying to reclassify the National Archives earlier this year. They don't want the 3 people who read to be up on this shit.

Remember, this is the same CIA that recently failed to keep its European torture prisons a secret, and lost a long running civil war to Islamists connected to Al-Qeada that actually ended up making them more powerful. If we retried My Lai, then why not the Bay of Pigs?

Can anyone tell me why we have a C.I.A. exactly?
Sounds like Syriana was pretty accurate.

Normally shit like that would be Snitch of the Week but there were bigger things popped off last week.

- We got Zarqawi, not because of the brilliance of our intelligence agencies, but because somebody snitched.

According to one version of events, Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly or Bob, as he is commonly known, dropped the beans on a man that frequently met with Zarqawi and then the U.S. connected the dots and dropped the bomb.

You can determine if he snitched to try to get the $25 million in reward money or had wires applied to his crotch to help his verbal skills.

On the other hand, The NY Times says that someone who is uncaptured and still in Al Qaeda dropped the dime.

You can decide which snitch really made it happen, but it's just good to know that the Start Snitching movement has gone international.
To all the Muslims who gave up the goose, you are the Snitch of the Week.


  1. We have the C.I.A. precisely for this reason. For some shit to be blame on some sort of people/person (i.e. never take a job offer from the C.I.A., shit will be dropped in your lap). I mean seriously, when has the C.I.A. ever been a respected organization. Scandal has been their middle name since J. Edgar Hoover started wearing dresses.