Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 6/18 - 6/24

(White people with computers don't play)

Everyone knows about the chick who stole the Sidekick by now.

For those who don't, a white girl left her Sidekick in a taxi, (NY taxis are hot right now) and some Rican chick ended up with it.

Apparently this chick missed the incident last year where Paris Hilton's Sidekick got hacked, because if she was up on it she would know that Sidekicks save all of their information on T-Mobile's website.

But she didn't and entered her AIM SN and password into the phone as well as a few pics for good measure.

Since all this information was available to the rightful owner, she asked her friend to try and get it back for her.

He asked nicely, he asked not so nicely and then he got her arrested.
The long and winding road of how he got the phone back is below.

- How Not To Steal a Sidekick (Original site)
- Tale of a Lost Cellphone (NY Times story)

The real issue in this story is the power of the Internet. This new wave of public e-shaming is something I can get behind. Too often people skirt out of common human decency because of a sense of entitlement or anonymity.

Peep what the chick said when he asked for the phone back initially,

  • I immediately contacted the AOL name: Sashacristal8905 and requested that the Sidekick be returned. I was immediately told that my “white ass” didnÂ’t deserve it back. That she was not a “white bitch” (my friend who is a blonde white girl had pics on the phone this person had obviously seen) stupid enough to return a phone she found. After lots of threats, she said she and her boy would wait for me at:

    Sashacristal8905: i got ball this is my adress 108 20 37 av corona come n do it iam give u the sidekick so I can hit you wit it

But that shit is coming to an end.
After posting her pictures and AIM SN, people who followed the story found her address, MySpace page and some people even knew her brother's military details and got him in trouble for threatening Evan.

This reminds me of the infamous Dog Poop Girl from South Korea.
A South Korean girl's dog shat on the floor of a subway car and she refused to clean it. Someone took a pic of her with a camera phone and posted it on a popular Korean site. Soon she was identified and all her personal information was posted as well.
It got so bad she had to drop out of her university.

Anyone can see the slippery slope here, but so far I like how these mobs are being used.

People who show the type of disrespect it takes to try and sell a stolen phone back to its owner or let their dog shit in the middle of a subway car deserve the harassment they get. Especially when 99% of the time the police won't do shit but throw a report on the bottom of a pile.

Evan Guttman, for your display of Internet mob justice and public shaming you are the Snitch of the Week.

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