Thursday, June 08, 2006

Caribbean-American Month is Official

(Anybody from Trinidad?!?!)

Bush must be really bored or really confused.

Not only did he just declare June Black Music Month, but he also declared it Caribbean-American Month.

What is a negro of Trinidadian/Grenadian descent as well as 17 other Caribbean Islands (No Jamaica, thank you) who also likes Black music to do?

It's a plot to tear us Negroes apart.
Just like the racist breast cancer they discovered.

I see you George Bush.
Just because you ate some roti and sorrel for the first time while listening to your old Curtis Mayfield CD's doesn't mean black people will start loving you.
Sure I like to claim Trinidadian pride when they are not kidnapping people and competing with Jamaica for the highest murder rate. Shit, we even made it to the World Cup this year.

But you will need a new strategy to get that negro vote.


  1. H.R., I am jacking your swagger twice this week(no brokeback). The above post I have to call 'GEORGE BUSH Does Care About Coconuts' and I will do a Start Snitching for former Yanks pitcher JASON GRIMSLEY.

    I will make it a hot post, but you made it a hot blog.


  2. You can steal my shit anyday (pause.)
    I steal enough of yours.