Monday, June 26, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 6/11 -6/17

(The streets are watching...)

A few weeks ago, Kenny Alexis, an insane homeless black man went around stabbing people over the course of 13 hours in NYC until he was apprehended.

As things go with insane homeless people, there was no real reason for the attacks and his pattern of stabbing was pretty erratic.

After he was caught, one of his relatives, who was interviewed and refused to give his name, said he doubted Alexis was responsible for the bloodshed.

  • "How do you know he wasn't trying to defend himself?" the man asked. "Why do you want to know about Kenny?

    "Is Kenny a star?"

As Dallas Penn has noted, Haitian people are the gulliest of them all.
Only they can use a stabbing as a stepping stone to TV work.

I knew I was justified in my lack of charity to panhandlers and increased suspicion when homeless people come around.
You never know where your donations are going. That $0.50 you give could be helping someone buy their next knife.

As it goes a few taxi drivers who saw him stab one of the victims called the police and followed him for several blocks until he was arrested.

To the anonymous crime-fighting (and possibly Arab) taxi drivers who helped catch this fool, you are the Snitch of the Week.

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  1. mmm...yeah! This makes me want to visit NY without having a place to stay. Im there buddy!