Saturday, June 17, 2006

Who's the Blind One Here?

I know this is old news in blogland by now but I had to put this up here in case someone out there didn't see it.
Bush blogging tends to be boring so I'll make this quick.

Bush picks on a blind reporter.

Here is the exact exchange,

  • THE PRESIDENT: Yes, Peter. Are you going to ask that question with shades on?

    Q I can take them off.

    THE PRESIDENT: I’m interested in the shade look, seriously.

    Q All right, I’ll keep it, then.

    THE PRESIDENT: For the viewers, there’s no sun. (Laughter.)

    Q I guess it depends on your perspective. (Laughter.)

    THE PRESIDENT: Touche. (Laughter.)

Because Bush usually makes fun with the reporters at the press conferences, the reporter was able to handle any disability jokes Bush threw at him and for what it's worth Bush eventually apologized.

But still, wow.


  1. Will someone please just beat him up.

  2. naaah! Is the reporter blind...? Surely George called him by name...he must have KNOWN?!

  3. That's our Prez! I was waiting for this blog...'bout time. :P

  4. If he knew he wouldn't have apologized later...